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I had to urge to get the Nintendo Wii a few days ago. Been  doing  some research about the  device and reading some  comments  on it.  I  do  have to say that its quite a fascinating device considering the fact that its  wireless and all action  (especially when it comes to action games) I totally love the nanchuck and remote systems. The only thing that held me back is fact that it cannot connect to my laptop screen. My mate told me that i gotta have a tv jack to be able to play it. Well considering that i’m not planning to get a tv anytime soon cos i only have a few months more to go till i go back to Brunei, so i might as well wait for a bit. And a plus side of of it could be that the price might fluctuate a bit since PS3 is going to be out soon. So yea…

I’m a gadget guy, so I might just revert back to getting another ‘toy’ hehehe…could anybody recommend me any good toys? I was thinking of upgrading my ipod. Funny enough i was sitting next to this guy in the train the other day and we got to talking about the ipod. He told me that the ipod nano is for girls cos its small and prefer to get the ipod video instead. Well, currently i own a nano and just agreed with him on that. Not because its a girly device or anything, but its not big enough to store my songs. The fact that i have to delete songs to accommodate new songs just sucks…and plus the idea of putting videos in it is appealing…so i might just…just get it…hehehe


Another solid performance today by Liverpool who were up against Sheffield United at Anfield. Goals from Fowler (2 goals from him from the spot), Hyppia and Gerrard managed to pulverise the blade’s back line. Mascherano made his debut playing 90 minutes. He played very convincingly covering the 4 backlines. Made some good tackles and did his job really good. Dudek was on goal and was rather untested for most of the game.

It was good to see Fowler to get 2 goals considering the fact he hardly plays this season. Thats 6 goals this season i think. Good run. But i do have to say with the coming of a new Ukrainian striker from Leverkusen (Voronin) this coming summer, his future seems to be in doubt again since he only signed a year extension to his contract last season. I do have to say that it will be good to keep him as one of the strikers. We’ll just have to see what happens in the summer. More faces, more qualities everywhere in the park.

But that besides the point, 3 points in the bag is what matters now. Arsenal is still behind us and thats the whole plan..:)

I just bought 2 tickets to watch 30 Seconds To Mars. Yes I know, They’re playing here at Liverpool and they’re gona be awesome. 🙂 But the concert is not until April though. It will be during the easter holidays. I was doing a little research just now on the concert place and to my shock, it was only about a few hundred metres away from where i live. Amazing innit? Cant wait to see the concert now!…hehehe

For those of you who are still wondering who the hell are 30 Seconds To Mars, well their front man is Jared Leto, yes the actor, and he can sing really well too you know. Have a listen to their singles “The Kill” and “Beautiful Lie”. Im sure you will share the same sentiment with me when i say…They Rock!

30 Seconnds To Mars

 30 Seconds To Mars

Went down to the common room just now to watch the Champions League game between Liverpool and Barcelona. It wasn’t the best game that the Reds ever played, but we managed to get the result that we wanted. A WIN! yes.sir, we won the game by 2-1 thanks to Bellamy and a 2nd half goal from Riise. Once again, i think it was down to luck and good defending from the whole team. Arbeloa played full time and displayed a convincing game. I think Senor Benitez used him due to his experience playing in Spain, considering the fact that he arrived from Deportivo last January.

To be fair, Barca could have knicked it when Saviola had 2 glorious chances to put the ball behind. Reina and Finnan made saves during the crucial moments. The return game will be an awesome one to watch. It will be in 2 weeks time in Anfield and I’m sure the Reds are going to make sure that the job should be done. Nobody expects Liverpool to go through because simply Barca was the champions last year. But hey, the ball is round right…so anything could happen. Definitely looking forward to that…:) awesomeness….

Bellamy Celebrating his goal

I just finished a coming of age book which i found quite…endearing. Yes, that’s the word. Endearing. I’ve been asked to blog, but seem to be suffering a bit of a writers’ block. Not that i’m an exceedingly impeccable writer or anything. I’m a very cheery/cheeky person, but when i write, i seem to contradict my character. I tend to be emo and deep. But since i’m a guest blogger, i shall try to make this space as entertaining (Ha-ha) and as interesting as i can.

You know what i’m craving for right now?Those cute little cupcakes with really great white icing on the top. I absolutely love that shit. Sadly, i haven’t come across any of those luscious little cupcakes. I mean i see them in stores..But they don’t look appealing. I mean how hard is it to find the perfect cupcake???Today was a very ambivalent day. I didn’t know whether i felt happy or sad. I do remember cooking and feeling calmer. Cooking is really therapeutic, did i forget to mention that? Every single time i cut vegetables, or stir in some red onions on the heated saucepan and i catch a whiff of the tasty aroma..there’s something calming about it…i can’t describe. Some sort of mini euphoria. So i guess that’s me. I love food. I love the smells, i love the tastes, i especially love celebrating food with my friends and family. But food with music?Oh now that’s a different matter entirely. There’s nothing like a bit of jazz or swing to get your mood going when your downing that meaty burger..with everything…including the onions and mushrooms…and of course the cheese. Grated cheese. Grated MELTED cheese. And the sauce, it has to be the meat sauce, with crushed black peppercorns. And of course large fries with salt and pepper. No Mcdonald’s please…I’ll have this gourmet. Okay before you think i’m a food snob…I love junk food as much as the next person..But for now…I feel pricey. Heheh….

Back to music, i like different types of music. Any kind. Accept country….or dangdut. Don’t know what it is?Google is your friend. Who doesn’t like music?I think music, besides god that is…Is the one thing that binds the whole universe together. So whoever doesn’t like music, has just commited sin. I’m on my pod, and i’m having a really bad day..There’s nothing like a bit of mellow Cold Play to calm you down as you sit on the driftwood, and into oblivion, watching the waves crash against each other thinking “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!”. Hahaha..Me and my god complex…But so what?It’s my thoughts, my little haven that only i’m aware of. I am the master of my own destiny. I will rape and pillage for my soul. Hahaha…Please..I’m hardly an extremist..I think it’s the sound of Jamie Foxx blaring in the background that’s making me a bit cocky.

So Britney Spears went bald and Anna Nicole Smith died. I was reading about the rape victims who were brutally murdered in Juarez. Sad story really. I went to the amnesty website and they had a video of the pictures of the murdered rape victims. All beautiful women, died tragically at an early age. They’ve made a movie about this starring J-Lo..I’m personally not a big fan of her but i gotta respect her for trying to create this awareness. I hope the movie depicts this issue well. I do want to see it. The investigation of these women were ignored by the police and the government. And maybe in time…something is going to be done about this. There are soo many issues in the world that are being ignored. Go Human Rights. All i can say is..Keep on fighting.

Suddenly, V.E.’s Kerna Sayang is playing in the background. Changing my mood. It’s a great song…Lovey dovey…Hahaha..Well i’m in love and i’m not ashamed to admit that. So what?I think everybody in the world is. That’s why there are crimes of passion. But don’t fret, i’m not about to stalk or kill anybody. Those are for freaks. In relationships i’ve always believed in giving each other space. Jealousy is normal but with the right dosage. We can’t control people especially the ones we want to have relationships with, because trust me it’ll never work out. Always remember to retain your individuality at any cost, because whatever happens it’s all you have. Never walk out on your friends and family when you’re with someone either. Cos that’s just plain….wrong.

I think i’ve rambled way tooo much. My last note would be. To err is human, to forgive divine.

I’ve always liked that quote.:)

Signing off,

The girl with the book in her hand.

I was just thinking about British teeth…Why are their teeth so so bad? Is it because they’re tea-drinkers? Ate too much sweet and chocolate when they were little? Now, how do you think I should ask the British public that without offending them, eh?

I’m finally reading what I want to at the moment…Good old-fashioned trashy romance novel. *sigh* Where were you when I needed you, my friend? The book I’m currently reading at the moment is the third book I’ve read since my “freedom” last week. But like all good things, it will come to an end. Eventually I will return to my old wily ways…reading them damn boring books written by dead poets and writers. Goodness gracious, when will this agony ever end? I need my trashy romance novels. You, my love, are the reason I will keep going on. You have never disappointed me…I’m sorry I abandoned you, love. But like Spiderman’s uncle said…”With great power comes great responsibility”.

Jason Fielding…Ian Thornton…Nicholas Sinclair…Zachary Benedict…Jordan Townsend…Nicholas Duville!!! You will be the death of me!

~…Please, please, please let me get what I want this time…

I love The Smiths. You too shall be the death of me!

OK, a little melodramatic, but shu’ ‘up! This is my time, I’m IN THE ZONE, people!

Hey, Ben. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! 😀

I gotchu good…I gotchu reeeaaaal good. *evil laugh* Somebody gonna get a hurt reeeaaal bad…

This is not over, my friend.

Scarlet Friday

Two words for you.

Jennifer Hudson.

I just finished watching Dreamgirls, and right when I thought I was gonna drool over Beyonce Knowles, I couldn’t stop staring at Jennifer Hudson. Her singing voice was so powerful that I actually broke down into little tears listening to her sing “I’m telling you”. (I think that’s the name of the song). No, I wasn’t sobbing. I managed to keep my cool haha…

I wasn’t sure whether it was her singing voice or her presence that made her sexy. Yes, she may be a bit fleshy, though. I’m fleshy myself, and even though I’m a girl and have imagined myself to be a guy sometimes, I would like my girlfriend to be slim, not fleshy.  (I refuse to use the word “fat” because there’s no way in hell I’m stooping that low in this post… haha). But daammnnn, Jennifer Hudson is hot! And she deserved that Golden Globe Award coz her acting was that good! Before watching the movie, people have been telling me she was really good and eventually I got tired of it. Now that I’ve watched it, niccceee… And she’s hot! Oh well… =)

Good night…


~ Little Miss Covered in Rain ~

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