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Eversince we have the Cartoon Network, the best new cartoon so far i’ve seen is Samurai Jack. The plot, the story, the characters are all awesome. I’m still an avid fan of SJ, its crazy! I remembered having a conversation with Klutz the other day and we both agreed by far, of all the cartoon series in cartoon network is definitely SJ, thats after Cow & Chicken and I am Weasel hehehe. Some of you might disagree with me but u know what? i dont care hehe…ok i maybe disrespecting Justice League, Superman or Batman or whatever being produced by DC Comics, but hey, i’m talking about a new and rising hero here. The fact that he’s a normal human being makes it more awesome. He’s got no super powers to back him up and he sometimes make mistakes and being funny. The cartoon definitely is more interesting. If you dont believe me…sit back and watch one of the series…i assure you you will be fully entertained. And oh by the way, theres nothing wrong with watching cartoon every now and then, its the case of unwinding and makes the brain more active…well at least it works for me..:)


SJ on the offence!


Had Kate and Harry came over for dinner just now. It was a good chill out session. Cooked egg fried rice with Kopitiam Chicken. I only put it on mild hotness because i was a bit concerned that they will not be able to eat their dinner proper if i actually put it on extra hot level hehehe…It turned out good in the end.

There was massive fireworks just now at (i reckoned) at St. George’s Hall just across the train station. The thing is that my room is not facing that area. So I couldnt see the whole thing. Bugger! My mate Dave from the 9th floor is quitting Uni cos he said the course is not for him. He’s doing sports technology as a degree and apparently its something like an engineering course. He’s going to try his luck playing rugby in France instead…i think its better, considering the fact that if he turns pro, he’ll get paid much more than what he’s going to earn sitting behind a desk in an office. All the best mate!

You remember Duncan Sheik? Where is he now? Its been awhile since i last heard anything from him. Or is it the fact that he’s moved to a different record label and he’s not getting much exposure as he was before when he 1st got his album out. Remember his song “Barely Breathing”? I thought its a very good song. Its one of those songs where you consider its forever Ëvergreen…and i still love it…i would show the video to you if  was not restricted by the person who posted it..darn it!

Its 2:40 a:m and ‘m still wide awake. Been having difficulty trying to get to sleep lately. Maybe its the time change, maybe my head is just working overtime, or maybe i just dont wanna sleep yet. Choose your pick…I’m the kinda guy who usually loves his sleep to bits, but now, i’m struggling to go to sleep…darn it!

Anyway, the day went well. Had a briefing just now about the field trip that we’re going to make at end of April to Dortmund. Everybody was excited to go just now and when the lecturer explained that one of the itinerary is going to be a trip to a beer factory, everybody was jumping for joy…hahaha…funny that because they know that they’re gonna get treated to a mini beer fest hahahaha…

Thinking of going to Italy after that with my mates here. Its Beardsley’s birthday and she’s gonna turn 23. What a way to celebrate a birthday huh?…off to italy. If put in a Brunei scenario, it will be either in Miri, Labuan, KL or Singapore…aaahh…the 4 great destinations to go to to celebrate birthdays….NOT! No disrespect, but i think these places are too overrated man. Be a bit adventurous and go out there, explore to the unknown country. Do some activities, hiking, camping, relaxing on the beach perhaps…time to roll up our sleeves and think about going to places we’ve never been before…:) pay a bit extra more…after all, we are going on a fun trip, not for shopping yea…

Me being a youtube fan, came across this old track by UB40. Oh yes…time to get to some reggae mood now. Its one of their earlier singles and its called “Earth Dies Screaming”. My flat mate was here just now and was just saying that UB40 is just stealing the original ideas of the roots of raggaaa…which i think is true in a way. But i’m here to enjoy their music, so i’m not going to dive into any arguments with anybody…enjoy the video…

Its the 25th of March and its hot outside here in Liverpool. I woke up rather late today by the sound of my phone vibrating next to my bed. A late wake up call from Klutz for a few seconds just to put me off my snooze. When i opened my curtain, the sunlight was blaring and i figured i better go down to get some sun…which i did after an hour of getting ready…

Checked out the new HMV store at Bold Street today. The set up is nice but i thought its a bit smaller than the old place. Checked out the new PS3 and was amazed by the resolution. The price was too expensive for my liking though as it cost about 600 pounds! Thats the price of my air ticket back to Brunei man…hahaha and no way i’m going to spend that much on a game. My eyes are still set for the Nintendo Wii. Checked out a few potential games that could go with it. The games a bit pricey but i think i’m willing to invest in something good 🙂

Spring is coming soon and i was checking out this video and i thought, this gotta be a spring anthem. Again, thanks to Klutzy for introducing to me this song. I like the fact that they combined 2 songs in this video and also the honeyyyyyysssss….nothing beats a sun tanned skin and an exotic look. Yep, i’m talking about the girl in this video…the hot puerto rican / colombian mama in orange! Hotnesssss!!

Check out the video by Carl Thomas…singing my 1st love…

Went to Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria with some mates over the week for a short break. To be honest i didnt know what to expect from the trip at all since i have never been anywhere else except Liverpool, London and Manchy. Cumbria is well known as the Lake District. So yea, u figured it out alright, the place is awesome, beautiful sceneries, friendly people, small town, many sheeps and huge lakes. Apparently it is one of the most beautiful places in UK and guess what? Madonna goes there every now and then to have breaks with her family.

Of course, me being an outsider, a tourist in the trip took a few shots of the place. They turned out great. Its true that i’m not a professional photographer, but hey, they all turned out great anyway…ahhh…the wonders of digital camera. Thanks to Harry the 3rd (ahem…ahem…) for letting us stay at his parents holiday house. And also thanks to Jeni, Marie and of course Kate for taking care of our bellies during our stay hehehe…:)


The Lake in Bowness



The Green Country side in Kirkby Stephen




With the gang at Hartley




Ranch kids!

Why the heading? A guitar. A melodious contraption that can only be played flawlessly by its owner. You either make love to it..or neglect it at the corner of your room. If you do the latter, than its just a silly piece of wood with strings on it, that’s just there to look cool. And cool it is. Guitar legends like Hendrix, Vai, Adrian Van Den Berg, Malmsteen, Satriani and Hemmet play their pieces passionately as if it’s another organ that’s being caressed.( now don’t be dirty…hahaha) They might as well do it with their eyes closed. The harmonious melody seeps into my soul as i hear them calming my ears and trust me..this ain’t an exaggeration. I’ve been playing the guitar since High School ( and that was a while back…haha), and i still don’t come close. Not even close enough to sniff the dust that comes from their rippling fingertips as they strum aggressively on the instrument. Damn..sometimes i wish i could just pick up a guitar and make a tune outta thin air!Now that would be a real treat!

The legends i mentioned earlier, have inspired newbies like me to mimic their guitar playing prowess. Alas, i can confidently say i’m still a freshman in this area and i’ve been playing for almost 15 years! I guess when it comes down to it all, it takes alot of hardwork, dedication,passion , patience and most of all….practice.

Have a look at Yngwie Malmsteen ripping it off in a classical piece. He’s playing the Overture on the double lead.I can safely say….IT’S THE SHIT.

Its a good thing to have really. Options in life and about little things…. But there are certain things in life that you are just so sure of and you dont need anymore options. Its what you always wanted in life and you are just so damn sure about it. Its like chasing dreams…could be dream car, dream house, dream vacation, dream wife / husband hahahaha…well…the last bit is just a bit off but it can happen. Anyway, on a lighter side of things, i just found this video on youtube…Man, seriously i am a youtube whore hahaha…

OK, some of you might think this is disgusting, but hey, what better way to learn whats happening there in the animal kingdom. Goes to show that even animals gotta take it easy hahahaha

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