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It was a historical night last night. I went to 30 Seconds To Mars concert right here in Liverpool at the Carling Academy and it was AWESOME! The build up itself was fantastic. We were there like 30 minutes before the door was opened, which was a mistake cos the queue was like super long! But it was worth the wait though, cos the performance was amazing. I thought Jared Leto’s voice was super and me and my mates thought that their live performance was far more better than the studio recorded version. They performed most of the songs from the latest album. The only drawback was that we had to wait for like 2 hours before they actually start their performance. Now thats a sign of true entertainers! But before that, the opening gig was “we are the physics”, a band from Scotland, kinda like an indie-punk band. Their performance was full of energy as well.

Word of advice, if you do have the chance to go to a 30 seconds to mars concert…you better go cos they are simply amazing!

Next week…off to Dortmund…yeeehhhhhaaaaaaaaaa…..


 “We are the Physics”




as good as it gets…Leto performing Beautiful Lie



Leto looking like a real goth…


A true legend, blinded when still a little boy and well known all over the world. I’m talking about Mr. Stevie Wonder or by his real name, Stevland Hardaway Judkins. Dude got 22 Grammy Awards to his name and countless number of number ones and top tens. This guy is just phenomenal. At first i thought he can only play the keyboards / piano aside from the usual harmonica tunes, but noooooooooo….he’s even better! He can play the drums too! I mean not just playing normal drum beats, i’m talking about playing a real drum solo. I came across this video and i do have to say, i am amazed to the fact that he really can play the drums. Compared to me, i can’t even do real drum solos, let alone the other instruments (keyboards). Well, i doubt playing “London Bridge”solo is considered to be a master piece, but hey…at least there’s something right? Have a look at this video of this 7 years old kid playing the drums…you’ll share the same sentiment as me….

I was over in London during the week and boy it was unusually hot, especially when it is still in April. Of course we took the opportunity to have a lil Barbeque over at Latimer’s place. It was a jam packed week to be honest because it was 3 different people’s birthday…the double trouble twins and klutz birthday was only seperated by only a day…so yea, it was nice. A combined birthday occassion. We also took the opportunity to hang out and chill at Hyde Park which was also great. The apartment hunting went a bit slow, it is pretty much difficult due to the fact that its London. I thinking of migrating to London instead of staying put in Liverpool during the summer because my sibs are coming here in July and August, so i have to look to a place where i can rent for a short space of time…probably maximum 3 months…

Back to the weather, saw the news on the telly and they reported that theis tear’s summer is going to be a much more sweltering one compared to last year. Imagine, last year the news reported that there we some people suffering from heat-stroke and this year, its going to be much more hotter! Well hopefully, people are getting the precautions as they need to be able to cope with the hot weather. The weather in New England in USA reportedly is still cold. Infact, it was snowing this week…and its already easter! Global warming alert to the earth’s inhabitants. It’s not a small matter anymore, politicians, religious groups and interests groups have been talking and emphasizing how important it is to make sure that our future generation is not going to be affected by global warming. But then, i kinda thought that its a bit hard to do that considering the rate of development the world is facing. We’ll just have to do our own little part to help protect the environment. You know what to do!

A little update on the pictures coming up soon…:)

You know, the first time when i looked at the album cover of Bedlight for Blue Eyes’s 1st album ‘The Dawn’, i was a bit sceptical until i put the headphone on and listened to their tracks…they blew me away with their tunes. I just thought that they’re an amazing band, with raw sound and i just felt that the singer then hand an honest voice…now the reason why i said the singer THEN is because they have a new singer now, and he’s only 17! I have yet to hear his voice but this band from Berkeley US of A sure as hell can rock your ass off. Their new EP is already out entitled ‘waste my time’. Their first single from their 1st album was called ‘Ephemeral Addiction’. This song caught my attention instantly and i doubt many people outside the US actually really know anything about them at all. A true rock+punk+metal+modern rock tune will slowly creep into your soul and will slowly convert you to a true fan of theirs…and i really mean it. Also i would highly recommend the song ‘Midnight Symphony’. This band is once class act man…

You know, maybe i should start a new mini animal planet series. I didnt even know that goats can fake dying. Yes, A GOAT! I found it totally hilarious. The fact that it can just collapse or stiffened up is just so bizarre. I mean i can imagine a human being doing it, but a goat? The word is Myotonic. It only happens to specific type of goat. I don’t know what kind of goat but i think its hereditary because the goat looks like any normal goat to me. Probably the great great great great great grandparents of the goat was suffering from…have a look at this mini documentary…just imagine if human beings get excited they react the same thing to the goat…it wont be funny at all…hahaha

I was doing work with some mates just now and one of them showed a video of a condition suffered by a dog. Narcolepsy is the word and it means according to the online dictionary is a disorder characterized by sudden and uncontrollable, though often brief, attacks of deep sleep, sometimes accompanied by paralysis and hallucinations. I don’t know about the hallucinations bit when it comes to dogs but i’m very much sure that it applies to humans. Anyway, back to the dog, at first i found it funny since the dog was seemingly jumping up and down, wagging its tail, looking all excited and then, next thing you know…the poor fella just fell asleep…right in the middle of jumping around or even talking a walk. I found it so bizarre…and apparently its not all that common to dogs. Now, for those of you who wants to know more about what causes narcolepsy, well it’s actually a condition triggered from the brain that prompts us to fall asleep. It’s actually called a neurotransmitter orixin, kind of fluid in our brain that controls our sleepiness and soon as i got back to my flat, i had to look it up in the web and got to know a little more on this condition, i think most of us didn’t actually really give a rats ass about it, but hey…you know what the hell is a neurotransmitter orixin is now…hehehe…watch this video of the dog falling asleep…

I was just browsing through the net and i just found a video clip by a certain artist who i think is so fucking underrated. I’m talking about an Aussie chick named Tina Arena. Its not like she only had 1 single or anything like that, she had quite a lot of singles and she even has French albums. Now top that! She has everything, powerful voice, she knows how to make songs, she’s got the looks (mind you she’s now 37 and still look like a hottie!) I remembered the first time i saw her single was “chains” and she left a very good impression indeed.

Apparently, she started very early, nothing like that mickey mouse club and shit. They call it “Young Talent Time” downunder… Her first album was a duet back in the 70’s and since then, she has 11 albums to her name, including 3 greatest hits albums and 2 french albums. She has achieved alot basically, and still she’s considered to be under the scenes. I mean come on guys, she’s got all the qualities to be a pop singer….if you dont believe me…then take a look at this video…


I told you Tina’s a hottie!

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