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Now before you can judge what the hell is the title all about…let me get this straight. Its a translation from an italian word Eppure Sentire. Its actually a song from an italian songbird named Elisa Toffoli. My mate the Yudster actually first played this song when he just got back from his trip to Rome during easter break. I didnt actually give any notice to it until recently when i found out that it is a soundtrack to an italian movie starring the lovely Monica Belucci. Damn shes hot! I mean considering the fact that she’s 43 years old…she is HOT! Anyway, i’m diverting from the actual topic here. Elisa, who is 29, got 7 albums to her name, of course only big in Italy…but yeah…its time to do my bit where i’m going to introduce her to you…how beautiful her new single is…just let the song grow…and you’ll see what i mean…i have to thank the Yudster and of course…Monica Belluci for making the song more beautiful…hahahha


Just got back from Up Holland. Stayed at The Englishman’s house over the weekend. Spent doing nothing at all which suits me. It’s suppose to be like that anyway since we wanted to unwind from a long week. I cooked for them dinner on the first night, which i was glad that it turned out well. Nobody had any sick feeling after that. I deliberately controlled the amount of hot chilli i put in my dishes cos i want them to eat my food 🙂

Katie boo did the weekend roast which was amazing as well. 1 thing for sure, we had a bit of asian and english style of dinner in a span of 2 days where i had to eat like a proper english man. I do have to say that i did quite well considering the fact that i had no proper training at all. Its the whole question of adaptability. I reckoned that if we are not open enough to our surroundings, i dont think we can cope well with anything at all….lesson to take…be open minded…:)

I haven’t been following the latest season of American Idol. I only realized it after i checked my e-mail when the browser just turned to a page where Jordin Sparks (apparently the youngest and the only lady winner of American Idol) won it. So i checked out her performances and yup…she does have what it takes. Powerful voice and the looks to make it big in the music scene. The most interesting bit about her performances was when she sang Liverpool FC anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” I think she made the Liverpool FC supporters very proud cos she sang it very very good! I wonder if she’s a Liverpool FC supporter as well huh? hahaha…i doubt it, but hey, all you reds supporters out there, check out the video…brings back good memories singing in Anfield with my fellow Scouse…YNWA!

I was watching the Champions League final with my mates last night. We went to the city only to find out that all pubs and clubs were full and this is only 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Apparently we’ve been told that people started going in by 3p:m, so thats why we couldn’t even get in…so we ended up watching the game at my common room (thank god for the big screen tv) A bitterly dissapointing end to Liverpool’s season by losing to Milan. It was a tight game and it took a deflection and a genius run from Pippo to beat my beloved Reds.

 Kuyt got the only goal late in the 2nd half but it was a little bit too late when the referee blew his whistle 30 seconds earlier than the allowed 3 minutes extra time. But i do have to say that i agree with Senor Benitez when he said that the game should have been won in the 90 minutes and not the extra time. Summer overhaul is already in the pipeline with Gonzalez, Zenden,Fowler and Dudek being shown the door.

Exciting times ahead for the club. Can’t wait for the summer news, new faces coming in, old faces going out…this should be interesting…:) so  its not all too bad i suppose…finishing third in the league and Champions League finalist…we have indeed come a long way…We believe…and we always believe….

Thanks to the Englishman, we got a short video of the Turk and El-Davido dancing in the street. The background music is the traditional tunes for the Sardinian dance, where near us, a bunch of kids dancing to the traditional dance…impressive! I think this is what Bruneians do…make a performance in the middle of the square where people enjoy their meal …why not right?

Just got back from Alghero, Sardinia last night. The trip was brilliant! The sun, the beach, the hot italian chicks, friendly people, tourists, sand, palm trees, pizzas, pastas, spaghettis, sea food in their varieties, mopeds and vespas…the list goes on. It was definitely a trip worth remembering. The fact that our hostel was just 5 minutes walk from the beach made it the best place to stay. Oh, did i say ” private ” beach as well. We made the beach our own and it was just awesome. Special thanks to The Englishman, The French woman, the Turk, The American born fashion designer, El-Davido and Snoozy Stacie for making the holiday a memorable one. 🙂 A good detox from all the Uni work.

Sardinia has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. The building designs, the museums, caves, architecture and culture were all there. Coupled together with great weather…its perfect! I would like to recommend people to go there and enjoy every minute they have. Oh, not to forget the gelato! A must try…especially the one at the Piazza.

One thing i noticed about italian women is that they have nice exotic look, especially the Sards. I like to look at them when they put on their big shades…makes them look..MMMmmmmMMMMmmmmm….hehehe… Food there is mighty cheap and its all in euros.

The Englishman messaged me just now that he’s lost without his sardinian family…i do have to agree with him..i miss my sardinian family as well…can’t wait for the next trip…i know that its going to be another brilliant one…n558465789_457496_5906.jpg

The Sardinian Family without the Englishman…


The Cuban and the Englishman…bunch of posers!

This day and age, people have been trying to invent new stuff or re-make some of the old stuff. You see, i’m trying to open my blog with some cheesy line but what the heck, i’m no genius, i’m just a simple joe who doesn’t wanna complicate things. I’m guilty of Sunday boredom. Watched the final Liverpool game just now at the pub and ended talking to this old guy who i think gave me the impression that he’s actually well off. Wearing suits and know the whole james bond thing. But anyway, he was talking about going to the Phillipines next year cos his son is getting married to a filipino nurse. And then the conversation went to travelling around the world and of course the weather. He said that wherever i come from, as long as i am a true Red, then it doesn’t matter to him…hahaha..we all talk the same language…football..and of course…scouse! hahaha..

Its been raining all day here in Liverpool. What promised to be bright, sunny weather (this time of the year) was just a lie. Blame global warming for this..but i’d say, i’d blame the geographical location of this country and the fact that Liverpool is located at near the coast. Now that is not giving us any justice.

Anyway, i found this video clip really cool. A new single from Mark Ronson and its called Stop Me. The original was done by the smiths and a sample from the supremes’ classic song…keep me hanging on. (i think…) anyway, check it out…

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