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My friend Kate arrived in Brunei yesterday morning. Its her first time visiting over to this side of the world and she is suffering from a terrible jet lag. As im typing now which is around 1:07 p:m, she is still sleeping in her room. Bless her cotton socks..hehe…

Yesterday afternoon, we went to town and wandered around only equipped with ice cream from DQ. Then interestingly, we met Gary, another guy who we met at the airport that morning. He’s supposed to fly off to KK the same night to visit his girlfriend and he told kate that its going to be nerve wrecking, since its going to be his virgin trip to KK as well hahaha..all the best to you matey!

Today, is just gonna be another lazy day. Told kate that she’s gonna face some serious unwinding. So yea…its gonna be all good. A total major relaxation is the whole plan…


OK! i know i’m supposed to work on my dissertation and shit, but somehow i feel that my ass is getting more lazy by the day. I nearly had an episode yesterday when i checked out my colleague’s past year thesises and i could’ve sworn they must have written about 5 gajillion words!! Now that really helped me a lot. The standards at my office is pretty high but when i met my boss just now, he gave me a particular advice on how to do my thesis. DONT DO ANY DIFFICULT TOPICS! hahaha…which i truly agree with him cos by the end of the day, they’re not gonna read the whole book anyway. Its just one of the conditions that we have to do in order to finish the course. I was like thinking…hmmm…i have interviewed a number of people from various government depts and they are all related to what i am about to write, i have got all the pictures, maps and information that i need. The only thing left is the academic books. Now this is gonna be such a hassle. It requires me to go to the library (not the public library since i doubt they have anything specific of urban design concepts and theories).

I have to discipline myself in order to get it done. That means waking up early, spending at least the whole day at the uni library and making sure i got ample supply of ammo to bring back home for writing up purposes since i cant take out the books from the library here…now the sad thing about this is that, i’ve been saying this for the past week and up til now i still cant manage to do it…*sigh* I gotta whip my own ass if this is the case…dammit!

A week in Brunei now and i managed to get interviews done so far for my dissertation. A few moreinterviews this week and next week then i should be on my way. I have yet to make questionaires for my survey. I reckon i should just do a simple one since people are not gonna be THAT interested in answering long surveys…anyway…i forsee that i’m gonna be extra busy for the next 2 weeks trying to tie some loose ends…wish me luck.

Went out with my mates and cousins this evening and it was crazy. At first we went to Capers Restaurant and did the eat all you can deal, and then after that we went to S&S for drinks and shisha and lastly to the Kianggeh stall to have soto. and this is all in one night! At first i was happy that i could fit into my old work pants…but after tonight….im seriously doubting it now…the whole eating out thing is fast becoming a culture amongst Bruneians. Its the trend now…and its crazy! More and more people are eating out and at the same time more and more restaurants are opening up like mushrooms. Tip for new entrepreneurs….if you wanna do a business here in Brunei….try opening up a restaurant….IT WORKS! hahaha

Its already my 2nd night back in Brunei. Things have changed a little bit. Not too drastically. I feel that my jetlag has gone now but somehow do wonder why am i still up at 3.18 am hehe..ok maybe not fully recovered yet, but im slowly there. Went to the office in the afternoon and they all commented on the same thing…Im thinner..hahaha…yes! To be honest, i weighed myself on the scale a few days back and yes…i lost 10 kilos. Amazing isnt it. I cant even feel that i have lost so much weight. 🙂 So must be a good thing. One of my mates at work said that the only way to loose that much weight is by getting sick, which i found hilarious. Cos he thinks that food is in abundant and there are just so many things to eat here in Brunei, front, back, left and right…thats Brunei for you…Besides the warm, humid weather, everything is lovely here…mind you, the sun is always here to stay and it only rains like really late at night…which suits me..makes it much cool for us to go to sleep and snuggle under the blanket hehehe….

Watched Oceans 13 just now and it was brilliant. I think its the best out of the 2 previous ones and i definitely going to get the dvd when its out. I have collection of the ocean’s movie and so far…they scored 3 out of 3…ACE!

NO! I dont mean the Brazilian footballer Kaka. I mean my sister kaka. Its her birthday today. Just wanna wish you a very happy birthday, many happy returns and all the best in your future undertakings. Now i was wondering yesterday right, what can i get somebody who already has everything. I mean a house, a car, piece of land, not to mention all the nitty gritty materials…she’s got them all. Its a very subjective matter to be honest. My mate, the Englishman, once lamented on the idea of getting her mum something for her 51st birthday cos she simply has everything she wants already. So i suggested to him that he should give him the best ever present to her by giving her the unconditional love a son can give. I know you might say that a cheap way to kop out, but hey, it could truly work although i think its not a very good thing to do, to be honest hehehe.

So yea, whats the best present to give somebody who has everything? flowers? cards? prayers? hehe..the list goes on. To me i think the best way to do it is by asking the birthday person what they want for his/her birthday. As simple as that. I know for you guys who might be studying or earning crap pay like myself might be cautious about this since we might not be able to afford what they wish for…but just tell them that you’re being honest, and whatever comes will be from the heart and the thought that counts right? 🙂 if u ask me…i couldnt be arsed to celebrate my own birthday…hehehe

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