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its exactly 2 months now that i’m going to be spending time in UK. The weather here is unstable, but then again thats UK for you. It rains and shine almost everyday. You just cant be too sure weather or not to wear something thin or thick here. To sum it all up about the weather…it sucks! I miss the hot weather man. Liverpool lost to Portsmouth in the Asia Cup on a penalty shoot out after being held goalless over the 90 minutes. Torres and Benayoun missed the penalties. But its only the Asia Cup. The Premier League is going to start in a couple of weeks time and boy…i cant wait to see the new boys in action. I do have to say that people have high expectations on the new boys, which heaps a lot of pressure on them, but then again, its Liverpool FC, they should know whats coming for them. 🙂 All the best Reds!

And no i’m not going to talk about my thesis this time. My Uncle’s family went back to Brunei yesterday after spending 2 weeks here in the UK. Congratulations to my Geordie cousin Amy for getting a 2:1 and good luck with your Masters application. Ass man, Jimbo, Amy and Kaliko slept over at my place with Klutz and Red. We all had good times together. Its a pity we didnt get to go to the natural history museum and the technology museum. But then again, i know that we can do that some other time, all the best to Jimbo for his A level this year. I’ve been persuading him to do his degree in Liverpool and i think i did a good job in marketing the uni to him hehehe…its where Liverpool FC is and shop discounts are…endless..hahaha


Yes, i am back in UK and no, i am not into the full swing of things yet. Arrived in Heathrow only to be greeted by the cold weather and rain…shucks! But things got better by lunch time. The sun was shining and guess what, i did a little gardening as well hahaha. Thank Klutz was there to help me out. We did groceries shopping and got some halal chicken meat. It is pretty easy to get stuff here. Oh, did i mention that i’m not staying in Liverpool anymore, yes…im in London. Thank you very much to the Es-ter for letting me stay at her place considering that it was a last minute booking, i do have to say that she’s a life saver 🙂

OK, now that i’m back, i just have to find the right mood and attitude to do my dissertation. 1st up, i have to do my powerpoint slides to be emailed to my supervisor, whom i think is not around for most of the summer period (as he warned me before i flew back to Brunei). The As-man and Jimbo is going to come over next week and stay with me for a coupla days, so i’, looking forward for that. Its Jimbo’s first time to UK so this should be interesting hehehe…

Im not pms-ing, its just the idea of going back to UK and sitting in the plane taking that 14-16 hours long haul flight. I mean dont get me wrong, i love the the independence, Klutz,  my UK friends whom i’m going to meet in August and the list of things that i’m planning to do while im there. My mate Remy is thinking of going to UK in September and planning to go to the States and visit the west coast cities (which i’m looking forward to..hehehe) Oh man, this fun is putting pressure on me to finish my work ASAP man. I’m going to take this as my motivation, the drive and ambition..yeeehaaaaa!!! Going back to UK tommorrow…please watch this space…

So we have managed to bring Torres and Voronin to Anfield. And now we got 2 more new faces to the club, Benayoun from West Ham and Ryan Babel from Ajax. So far Benitez have recruited 3 strikers and an attack minded midfielder. That shows that we are going ahead and only ahead we are going hehehe…i got a few more days to go in Brunei. After that i’m going to be off to UK for another 2 and a half months…the main aim is to finish my dissertation before September…I MUST DO IT AND I MUST FINISH IT ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!…:(

With all the bomb scare and attempted detonation of bomb in the UK makes me think that i am not looking forward to go back to UK. My nephew who is working with the airlines told me last week that he had to queue for 1 and a half hour, and this is on a special crew line! I imagine whats it like to be on the normal passenger queue…must be horrible! It usually takes the most of 45 minutes to settle the whole checking in thingy. But i think now its going to be hours and hours on end.

Dare i say that these people who attempted to blow up themselves are stupid. Its making the whole islam society look really bad. Ignorant people would probably think that we are the bad group in this world, but to be honest, these misguided people are the only ones making the whole hu ha. I am getting ready to be stared at when walking in london or wherever in UK.(which i think is not fair and rude) Thank god i have good friends in UK…:)

The capture of Torres to Liverpool was actually the highlight of the week. We all know he’s an established striker. At the age of 23 and already in the national team, that says a lot about him. Will be looking forward to watching him play in front of the kop… 🙂


Fernando a Red


Its crazy! i know! i got 2 and a half weeks more to go till i go back to UK. I only just realized this today since im going back with Kate. Oh mayyynnn…im gonna miss the hot weather, the food, the friends, the late night hang outs…ah well. The plus side is that I’m gonna be in UK for only 2 and a half month only and i’m gonna be in London most of the time. The plan is that i’m gonna stay at The Englishman’s house in Upholland during the 1st week of August, which i think i’m only gonna go up to Wigan probably on the 5th or 4th…and then stay in Wales for a few days.

Come to think of it, i’m going to be super busy til end of september, with the activities, the thesis writing, the socializing bla bla bla…its gonna be crazy!…*sigh* hopefully i can cope with the pressure…

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