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Out of Style…Styles!

Posted on: August 21, 2007

Yes…im talking about the referee Rob Styles during last weekend’s game between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield. He’s in all the papers yesterday for mistakenly given a penalty to Chelsea to give Chelsea the point….i was thinking right, the extra 2 points that Liverpool could have could become crucial by the end of the season and it could define who is going to be the champions this year. I know some of you might think its still to early in the season, but hey, any football fanatic will be unhappy with that standard of refereeing. That was utter shit if you ask me! There! I said it…Rob Style’s just plain shit! He cracked under pressure, he didnt deliver and he is not fit to be the man in tyhe middle of the park for big games…ANY BIG GAMES!

One article in the paper yesterday wrote solely about him and this columnist actually said that red cards should be shown to bad referees. He even suggested that we should see the back of him…FOR GOOD! He further added that “Rob Styles is a man seemingly capable of seeing things nobody else can”. Indeed it is true, the whole 42 thousand spectators in Anfield and a few million across the world saw that Malouda ran to Finnan and jumped. Poor Finnan, he didnt even know Malouda was coming to him…and Maurinho had the audacity saying that there’s no diver in his team and he thinks the referee got it right? If he is right then why is Styles got suspended for next week’s game and he even admitted that he was wrong for giving the penalty to Chelsea….Nice move Styles…and Jose Maurinho….u really suck man!…i think you’re the only guy who supported Styles…cos you know we are turning the screws on you now….


Torres…1st goal shadowed by the suckie Styles


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