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1st for Momo…

Posted on: August 25, 2007

Liverpool won at the Stadium of Light when they tamed the black cats. 1st goal for Momo after spending 3 years at Liverpool. We all know that he is not well known for his attacking play, he’s more of a defensive minded midfielder and we all know that he’s good at doing that with his tough tackling never say die attitude in the engine room.


Momo Sissoko

The second goal was scored by Voronin who also scored his first goal in the league. Now we know that everybody can score šŸ™‚ which is a good thing…The only drawback was injuries to Hyppia who broke his nose and Carragher who might have broken a rib. Two of our best defenders are injured now and with Champions League 2nd leg looming in just a few days…Liverpool must find ways to tighten up the backline. The only good thing about the 2nd leg is that it will be played at Anfield…:) All the best Reds!


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