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I came across this video clip online today about elevator (or some people call it lift) music. Now usually theres no music in any elevator that we hop into (thats bruneian case). Funny how it seems that people just tend to keep quiet in the elevator just wait for the door to open again. The agonizing few seconds in life right? Anyway this clip is completely different. Its about ignorant people who dont seem to care what other people think in the elevator. Yes you guessed it, people playing loud music through their mobile phone…i dont know about u guys but i definitely found that annoying. Its not like the speakers are home theatre type u see…the noise is just simply annoying!

Those people who want to listen to proper music then they should just go jack up a proper stereo sound system and listen to the music properly. NOT by pushing your mobile phone to the limit. Have a look at this video and maybe we can learn a few things here and there…

click on this link / copy & paste to this what i mean


OK, its the 2nd day of Ramadhan and last night me and my mates were just hanging out and we got into talking how time goes by so fast. It seems like yesterday that i first enrolled into Uni of Liverpool and having problems with my course and what not. The time taken for the whole thing to be resolved and the trouble i faced with my studying seems like ages ago. And now its about time for me to go back home for good. Its been nearly a year now! I do feel sad to leave UK, just solely on the independence i’m getting here, the kinda life that you dont have to worry about anything at all where we can remain anonymous. Its great. Nobody knows us… Guess thats the big difference with Brunei. I mean Brunei is a nice place to stay in where people are closely knitted, everybody knows everybody (it sometimes feel like we’re living in 1 big neighbourhood), friends all over the places, families here and there…laid back and chilled out…no pollution, basically its great! But sampling a totally different lifestyle is another thing. I am lucky to be able to do that here in UK and see whats the fuss is all about. Now that i know, i can say…”yea…i know that…been there…done that..” or just keep quiet and smile away…hehehe…

All and all…both lifestyles have their pros and cons, i love both lifestyles as a matter of fact. So the moral of the story is, you cant be biased when it comes to lifestyles and places we want to or desire to live. Its subject to adaptation and how we perceive things…and of course…THE MONEY! thats another essential things that we need to have in order to survive in this crazy materialistic world….hahahahaha….what a bitch right…

This post is for my mate Dino who i consider is the luckiest man around. Dude got a high flying job and at the same time is the craziest and cool guy i know. At a very young age and going places..i do have to say…dude is set man. We listen to this song at 3 a:m in the morning at his crib and it is one of his theme songs…for all sorts of funny reasons hahaha…salute to you dude…gain extra more weight and you’ll be like the walrus of love…hahaha

Just g0t back from Brussels and Amsterdam yesterday and boy…it was great. 2 countries in 4 days, i mean how cool is that? Of course the programme was jam packed with activities. Shout outs to my mate Dino for letting me crash at his place. He’s got the coolest house there. I mean a real bachelor pad, a big house with 6 bedrooms and a big garden to go with it. The fact that he’s not married and living alone makes the house looks empty tho, real simple, no decorations, only video games…total bachelor’s pad man 🙂

Brussels was laid back. I mean there were no heavy traffic in the city, pollution was less. I like the fact that they put forest in the middle of the city (which i think is a good idea), gardens, old buildings, tramps…all there. The only thing about that country is the fact that you must know how to speak French or Flemish (the other version of Dutch) cos they dont really speak to u in English. So thats pretty much a disadvantage for me. Thank god Didi (who speaks fluent french and flemish) was there.

Amsterdam was great as well. I can imagine living there. Its a total opposite of Belgium. People there are more friendlier, laid back and easy going. They speak English and Indonesian (for some people…including the dutch). Had a great time there, too bad it was a day trip. I heard about RBA going to have connecting flight to Amsterdam and if thats true, i definitely wanna go there again. The place is banging! I mean, laid back people, beautiful women, great partying places, easy halal food…its great! 5 stars and i recommend you guys to go there…

Thought i might just share this video with you guys. The first time i heard this song i thought its amazing. Although I prefer the acoustic version (which is this video) than the studio version. The name of the band is Pillar and the song is entitled Further From Myself…this song rocks man…

(p/s: i like this song purely on the melodic and tune basis only and nothing else) 🙂

Indeed, 1st of September 2007, Liverpool vs newly promoted Derby County at Anfield. The Rams were taught a harsh lesson living life back in the Premier League when they we heavily drubbed by inform Liverpool. Alonso started the goal flood with a freekick with new boy Babel scoring just before the break. Torres scored twice and Voronin also got into the score sheet. Alonso scored twice as well in this game. I think he’s never scored twice in a game before. This is only good since everybody can score goals now. All over the park, except Reina 🙂 The reds are on top of the tablle now at least for a day until the other games are being played on sunday and monday. but what a sight…The Reds on top of the league…lets just hope we can play like this for the rest of the season…:)


Babel celebrating after slotting in the

2nd goal for Liverpool

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