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QueenBee tagged me…at first i thought its just a simple thingy on the side of the website, but then when i looked…apparently i have to give out 7 random facts about myself…hahaha well excuse me with the whole dumb moment cos simply i am not used to the blogging terminologies and communities or what not. The hole idea of putting up this website is because i feel like it and i have time to talk about some nonsense whenever i feel like going to this website. To be be honest, i’m not much good of a blogger anyway…so this is just to pass my time…

Anyway, 7 random facts about me…lets see…lets make it short and simple…

1. I lost 10 kilos when i was away in UK due to lack of cooking activities and extra curricular activites 😉 but ever since i got back and with Eid festivities…i have gained back my 10 kilos…sucks!

2. I know how to play guitar eversince i was in form 2 and ever since then i started picking up the drums as well. Used to play a small casio keyboard ( the really cheesy one) and played the clarinet when i was in primary school..(i know…how geeky is that). I was the bassist when we formed our own high school band in form 3.

3. Just bought new toys in the form of nintendo wii (weehoooo…!!) and a beautiful piece of animal/machine which i call “THE BEAST” hahahaha…corny?..yes…

4. I’m colorblind…my hopes of becoming a pilot was dashed when i did an eye test back in secondary school and i found out that Maths is one of the important subjects that i must pass in order to enroll…I hate maths like theres no tomorrow 🙂

5. I know how to cook 🙂 no brilliantly…but enough to fill in my tummy. UK has made me a mini chef…so proud of myself and nobody is gonna take that away from me…hahaha

6. I am a techno geek…i love to get toys for boys….although sometimes i cant afford them…its worth getting to know whats new and whats not out there…

7. Im a versatile guy when it comes to music..i listen to almost anything except for dangdut (indonesian old style pop) i would pick up my guitar and play any songs thats playing on the radio (if i really like the tune)

So thats probably the most boring and random facts that i can conjure up…hope you guys fell asleep reading hahahaha


The end of my holiday. Going back to work tomorrow and the Eid celebration is slowly dying down now…well at least for some people. There are still a few more open houses to attend to next week. Well actually 3 more to go next Friday. Gonna help out Klutz on hers as well so i’m foreseeing that i’m going to have a full day next Friday, starting from 2pm onwards till late in the evening.

To top it all off, theres gonna be tons of work to be done in November ONLY! now the reason why i’m saying only is that my department is going to host 2 major events that month and with the absence of Lihan (my workmate), means that i have to do his work as well. So far i havent done my proper job yet since i got back due to these 2 functions *sigh* I havent hit the ground running to be honest so i’m hoping December is gonna be the month that im gonna do most of my researches…

Liverpool won yesterday over Everton by 2 goals to 1 courtesy of 2 Dirk Kuyt’s spot kick. It was a typical derby game with high intensity. Hibbert and Phil Neville got sent off and they paid the price. Its a brilliant result cos Liverpool is gonna play away against Besiktas in the Champions League this Wednesday (Thursday Brunei time) All the best Reds!

This is totally random. I found this clip and thought what an awesome tune! Stevie Wonder is just so amazing when it comes to coming up with some funky tunes. He did this in 72/73 in Sesame Street. I wasn’t even born yet! Dude! I F#!@! salute you man….just check out this video…

I heard this song when i was in UK and thought what a catchy tune this is. I’m talking about Cobra Starship’s hot track entitled “Send my love to the dance floor (Hey Mr.DJ)” If you’re not a big fan of indie/modern rock music, i think this might change your view a little bit. They do sound a little bit like Panic! at the disco tho on certain songs but i guess people have the right to their own opinions…Try listening to this song while driving…especially in the morning on your way to work/school/bumming or whatever you wanna do in the morning…but be warned…this song might affect the way you drive your car…:)

Just a short note…i would like to wish everybody Happy Eid, “maaf zahir dan batin” In Brunei, we’re gonna have 4 days public holidays which i am gonna look forward to…weehhoooo!! and after that, i’m gonna take a week off to get my sleeping pattern back in track…:) sounds like a good idea to me 😉

I havent been posting for a while, i know that. I’ve been busy trying to settle some stuff while i was in UK (yes i am back in Brunei now doing the rat race again *sigh*) And now that i am back in Brunei, i finally managed to get back my life on track slowly…the jetlag is not really helping me to get things into full swing.

Anyway, full credits to Reds and Klutz for making my previous birthday an awesome one.The John Mayer concert was awesome and Royal Albert Hall was an impressive building. Thank you for the lovely gifts  you guys gave. And Noni the pootster gave me a carton of ciggies so that i dont have to buy anymore for the next couple of months. Im intending to cut down my ciggy intake since the new season of local football is going to start in a couple of weeks (which i cant wait 🙂 )

Been working for a week plus now and the only thing i hate is the million number of meetings that i have to attend in a week. Its just plain crazy. From this rate, i doubt i’m gonna get anything done at the office…plain ol’crazy meetings…

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