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Liverpool got their result yesterday by beating Porto FC at Anfield by a good 4 goals to 1. While the credits will go to the rest of the team for rasing to the occasion, it was the hot Spaniard (Torres) who got a brace while Gerrard and Crouch added to the tally. Now they just need one more win and thats away to Marseille in 2 weeks time…tough fixture follow after that by playing Manchester United…thats going to be another game nobody wants to miss…

The stadium was full of appreciation and got behind the under fire Benitez last night when they sang and chanted his name whole throughout the game. That goes to show that the Anfield faithful do believe that senor Benitez is the name who is going to bring more and more silverware for Liverpool. Reports suggested that He had a falling out with the American owners…saying that they dont know how the european transfer market goes…I personally dont know how it goes but whatever the outcome is…come mid-December after the meeting between the owners and the manager…then we will see how the situation is going to be like….We would like Rafa Benitez to stay on as our manager…because simply….We believe in our manager!….


Yes, the papers in UK have been saying that Senor Benitez is in trouble with the American owners over funds for new players. Now as i can remember, Benitez left the Mestalla over the financial problems as well. Although i strongly believe that he will stay on as the manager for Liverpool FC but somehow at the back of my mind he is also not hesitant to move on. Everybody knows that he already pledged his future for the Reds but he also said the same thing when he was in charge with Valencia…Speaking on behalf of all the Reds supporters…please Senor…you’re the best managers we had in yonks…i totally understand the rotation policy that he’s adopting…i mean who wouldnt right?…he’s got a squad full of big names…i’d do the same thing.

Saturday night thrashing of the toons was just the right tonic before Liverpool continue their Champions League campaign against FC Porto this Wednesday at Anfield. Games games left and we have to win both games…home and away. Marseille will be the last team that we have to face and its gonna be an away match. All the best to the Reds…just remember…You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Yup, its finally here. The rainy season. Fair enough that Brunei lies just 4 degrees off the equator and we have rainfall the whole year round, but when i mentioned about the rainy season, i’m talking about raining everyday, day and night! to wash The typical advice given by most Bruneians will be “aiiyaaa…no need to wash your car man…its gonna rain tonight / tomorrow anyway”. Which is true…we Bruneians love to wash our cars…i’m talking about in general, especially the car lovers. Like for instance, its 2:15 pm and really streaking hot outside but come 4 or 5 pm later…its gonna rain like crazy hehe…

On a more serious note, i’m gonna miss Liverpool play later (darn it!) The Reds are gonna play away to St.Jame’s Park against the toons. Now the toons is another name for Newcastle United (for those of you who are not firmiliar with English  football clubs’ nicknames). The badminton tournament for our ministry and departments under it is still on until the 8th of December, so i can safely say that i’m gonna miss a big chunk of EPL.

Anyhoot, back to work…:)

Last night saw what proved to be an amazing night for Liverpool Football Club and the history of Champions League when Liverpool thrashed…no no….ravaged Besiktas 8 goals to the good. The turkish outfit was completely dismantled by Liverpool right from the start and statistics showed last night that the reds had 30 shot on goal and 19 of them were on target…compared to Besiktas where they had only 3 shots and one on target….

It was a special night for Benayoun (Liverpool’s right winger) when he scored a hat-trick while Crouchie and Babel both scored a brace each. Gerrard contributed to 1 goal on the night after a neat 1-2 with voronin…

To be honest, if the reds starts to play like this from now on, i think every team will fear them. Their neat passing game, total control, ruthless in front of goal and tackles flying in made the extra yard….I have no doubt that we will go all the way in all 4 competitions….GO LIVERPOOL!!!!


Crouch, Benayoun and Arbeloa celebrating the win

My sister just gave birth today to a baby girl. She weigh around 2.88 kilos and looks so tiny and cute. Her name is Nur Khalis Balqis. Congratulations to my sister and bro in law for having their 1st baby….and to Azmi…remember she’s not there to play football…only rugby! hahahahaa


The mini football season is finally back. Back with new style of plays and hopefully we’re also gonna bring in new faces to the squad. We’re expecting 2 new additions by the coming weeks and this should be good. Last season’s faces come and go. We played a a game just now and deployed Bleeq on the roaming role which was effective. He scored a goal from the right hand side cleverly sidestepping the eldest defender with tons of experience. Bleeq has matured gamewise…all he needs to do is improve his stamina and he’ll be a threat…Zud also played his favoured position as a striker. A few glimpses of nimble touches just now and he opened this season with two deftly taken goals…Both me and kazi scored a piece…

Azmi was reliable as always moving from the left while the Ass man made a late appearance and changed the game instanly with his attacking prowess. The opposing team in the end cannot stop the rot and by the final whistle…they were beaten 3 goals to 5. yayyyyy!

There are still a lot to be improved and we got a long season ahead of us…its a marathon…so looking forward to play in all the matches ahead…:)

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