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This is totally random. I came across this website that shows the all new Abi Titmuss calendar. The whole 12 months of Abi Titmuss, now thats what i’m talking about. I found the comments on one of the bloggers really funny stating that

” * Blonde hair – check
* Nice legs – check
* Sexy face – check
* Last name sounds like Miss Tits backwards – check
* Nice thick body – check
* Owner of a pair of huge knockers – check

Yeah, me likey. What doesnโ€™t this girl I know nothing about not have? Iโ€™ve heard the name a lot, but what is she? Just a model with big boobs?” – Slam Dizzle.

Hahaha..its every man’s dream to have such perfection (physically) on their woman…well, i know some women might say…”DREAM ON!… cos what you see is what you get” But theres nothing wrong with appreciating beauty and sexiness together right? *sigh* hehehehe check it out yourself…to all the male readers….please prepare tissue in case you drool and ruin your PC hahahaha



Ok, this is cool. Iron man movie is going to be released next year. Dr Tony Starks will be played by Robert Downey . I only came to know the movie is finally going to be out next year a couple of weeks ago when i was about to watch I Am Legend movie with my cousins at the cinema. They played the trailer behind the ticket counter and everybody including me got a little excited by the movie. To be fair i heard about the filmmakers wanting to make a movie from this famous Marvel character and that Downey Jr. will be playing the role like years ago. I didnt think they were gonna do it until i saw the trailer weeks ago. Hopefully its going to be an awesome movie…but so far, judging from the trailer, it looked like a good entertaining movie. Hopefully Robert Downey Jr can play the character well…but then again…its Downey Jr….he’s always been a class act anyway…:) to view the trailer…click play below and see what i mean…

I Would like to take this space to wish all my muslim friends a happy eid and a merry christmas to everybody. Its gonna be a week more to go till the new year 2008. This year has been eventful…a lot of colours…be it black, red, yellow, white, green, grey, silver bla bla bla….look, i really dont know what im gonna say ok…so bear with me….hehehe

Liverpool got back to winning ways after beating Portsmouth 4-1 thanks go goals from Benayoun, Distin (own goal) and 2 from Torres. The reds will have Derby County on boxing day. But our main concern is the prospect of facing Inter Milan in the Champions thats going to be an awesome game!…

Rihanna’s new video is kinda playing in my head constantly…her new single Don’t stop the music is sexy as well…i think she has that spunk that can turn any man on…heheheh

Yes, i’m talking about the new year. We are nearing to end 2007 and the new year is just around the corner. To me, a lot of things happened in 2007. Although it is still premature to say those things now but i can safely say that most of them had been good ones. Spent more than half of this year abroad, did all sorts of things, made new friends from UK and when i was studying there (Malaysians, Hongkies, Cameroonian, Germans, Indonesians, Italians…) went to Anfield Stadium ( a dream come true for me), went back to work as well this year after 1 year sabbatical, got trasferred to a new section in my department which I think is totally cool as well, got myself new toys ๐Ÿ™‚ in the form of an ipod with the hi-fi ipod system, a Wii, a car heheheheh…I’ve started to play golf again as well ๐Ÿ™‚

The only bad thing about this year is that i’ve started smoking AGAIN! which is a bad thing considering we’re gonna start playing football seriously by next year (which is in 2 weeks time!)ย  My department is seriously thinking of tackling sporting issues seriously by next year. Tomorrow we’re gonna start playing bowling as well in our bid to enter the bowling tournament next year. Football is going to start this Monday and everybody is hyped-up by our first game. Netball as well is going to be spearheaded by Hana…so i think i can safely say that we have pack schedule next year in terms of sporting activities…but 1st thing 1st…i gotta kick my bad habit ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I woke up at 4 a:m just to see Liverpool played this morning and boy it was game not to be missed. The reds won the game 4-0 thanks to goals from Gerrard, Torres, Kuyt and Babel. They ran rampant from the beginning til the end and outclassed Marseille from the rear to front. To be honest, Liverpool could have scored more than 4 goals considering they have enough chances to put the game to sleep even before the half time whistle was blown. It was all about character, discipline and hunger to be in the knockout stage and be among the elites. Other than that, it was pure revenge on what Marseille did at Anfield, beating Liverpool 0-1.

Now we wait, Liverppol could face AC Milan, Sevilla, Barcelona or Real Madrid…sounds like bunch of heavy weights to me…but it doesnt matter now…we will face anybody and we fear no one….Bring it on!



Kuyt scoring the 3rd goal for Liverpool

(Courtesy of Empics)

Its a big night for Liverpool FC and all the supporters as Liverpool travel to Stade Vellodrome to face Marseille in the Champions League Final match to determine who will enter the knock out stage. Liverpool need to win this match as all the 3 other teams in this group still have the chance to enter the final 16. failure would be costly as that would only mean an automatic slot for the UEFA Cup (which …no disrespect, is not good enough for elite clubs). So yea, it is imperative that Liverpool must win this match in order to have any chance of winning the Champions League…

We we hit by our first defeat last weekend against Reading by a flattering scoreline (3-1). Gerrard managed to score in the game. It was a funny game indeed because Benitez changed to different format (a 4-3-3) not using the wide men and opted to use Voronin, Torres and Crouch in attack. Sissoko played as well and did well to cover the back 4 as well as Mascherano. 20 minutes more to go and Benitez took off Gerrard, Carragher and Torres…just to keep them fresh for the vital Champions League clash…

Its gonna be a suspense all the way…a definite Do or Die match for Liverpool FC…

The hectic weeks are over now…in fact just today the Committee decided that there should be no final for the badminton tournament due to the incident that happened last wednesday night that involved the tragic loss of one of the players while warming up before the actual game.

Now questions have been raised whether the paramedic should be there every night on stand-by. The health checks should be done by the team captains before every game / tournament to make sure that people playing any particular game must be fit and ready for vigorous activities. Fair enough that the competition is within an organization and we’re not playing internationally, but standards should be adhered so that mistakes should not be repeated once again.

On the lighter side of things, there are no losers in this competition as there will be joint-champions this year. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  And come to think of it, the whole idea of the competition is to foster close relationship between different departments and to make new friends…:) which we actually did…its only a game as my boss said…

Liverpool will be playing away to Reading at the Madejski Stadium. Kick off will be at 1:15 a:m Brunei time…another sleepless night tonight….but as any die hard Liverpool fan would say….You’ll Never Walk Alone…!!! All the best to Liverpool…:)

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