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I woke up at 3.30 a:m this morning to watch the Liverpool game vs West Ham only to be disappointed in the end. I thought Liverpool were lucky to go at half time with 0-0 scoreline. West Ham hit the wood work and Boa Morte signed from Fulham squandered a golden chance to put the Hammers ahead when he blasted the ball to the stand. The second half was more better from Liverpool who played with intent and controlled the game. Even the commentators thought it was the last attack of the game when Liverpool were awarded a corner deep into injury time. The referee allowed West Ham to play the counter attacking game from the corner given and guess who amongst all people on the pitch made the mistake…JAMIE CARRAGHER! He clipped Ljungberg’s feet as he made the last gasp tackle. And this is already the 94th minute! and that sums it up…the rest is history.

Benitez was being philosophical again after the defeat. He guaranteed that The Reds are still going to play in the Champions League next year although currently lying 7th on the table 14 points adrift from the leader. Me as an avid Liverpool supporter thinks its going to be far more tougher than expected since the other teams have qualities as well. I dont mean to sound so skeptical but its the truth…i doubt that we’re gonna play in the champions League…i think i’d be more happy for a slot in the UEFA cup…that is…if we’re lucky enough to get in…

The Reds supporters in UK has also launched a bid to buy the club back from the American owners and they aimed at raising 500 million pounds to buy them out. Aggressive plan eh…lets see what happens in the end…I know Liverpool FC is a club of tradition. A club that takes pride of the history, legend, culture and loyalty of the people supporting the club. Ever since the American owners took charge of the club, they have caused a lot of unrest. Bust up with the manager was well publicized, the re-financing saga and so on…yesterday’s news mentioned that Robert Kraft (Another American) is still keeping an eye with the whole situation but thinks that with the buying and selling of players in Europre could make it hard for him to compete with others. The dream to win the title this year is all but over for Liverpool FC….:( i hate to admit it but its the truth…


Lucas Neil prevented Kewell a shot on goal last night


I’m getting mixed emotions about going to the Outward Bound next week. I’m thrilled that I wont be doing any routine day job and for a change getting fresh air everyday (hopefully) AND getting away from traffic jams. But on the other hand, i dont feel like going to the jungle at the moment. Dont get me wrong, i love jungle trekking and the nature but not now…Klutz told me that i have to make a point to the admin that they’re not gonna make me go again since i’m going next week. So i dont have anything else that i can do except to put my chin up and look forward to go to the jungle…AGAIN! hahahaha

The Cambridge GCE A and O Levels are out today and many congratulations to my nieces Kaka Ain and DD for getting 7 and 6 O’s respectively. They’ll be going to MD to further their studies now. And Jimbo got 3 A levels to his name, which i think is a good thing. He said that he’s going to upgrade his grades and he’s already thinking of sitting for the June A Levels. Good on you man! Thats the spirit. 🙂

Tonight i’m off to treat the twins after passing their o level and Jimbo as well. Not basically painting the town red but enough to fill in their tummy for a while hehehehe…theres still long way to go for them in terms of studying and its just beginning to get tougher and challenging hehehe…

On a different note, Liverpool was given a scare last saturday night during the FA Cup game against Havant and Waterlooville. The game was played at Anfield and the visitors went ahead twice before succumbing to a Yossi Benayoun hat trick. Luca Leiva opened his scoring account with a curling effort past the goalie. Crouch added the tally in the closing stages of the game. Torres, Gerrard and Carragher were on the bench with Skertel and Itandje starting. Today will be the 5 round draw of the FA Cup…this is gonna be interesting 🙂

Last night saw Liverpool went through to the 4th round of the FA Cup after mauling Luton Town FC. The Hatters who performed brilliantly during their first encounter with Liverpool at Kenilworth Road had to succumb to the Red tide when Babel, slotted home the first goal right on 1st half injury time to give Liverpool the lead. Luton Town FC did well throughout the 1st half to close out all Liverpool shots on goal from Crouch, Torres, Babel and Gerrard. Second half saw Liverpool piled on the pressure again and continued where they left off when Gerrard timed his run perfectly well into the box to head in the second of the night. Hyppia added the third from a corner and Gerrard slotted in another 2 more goals making it a hattrick for the captain. Now Liverpool will face either Swansea or a non league side Waterlooville on the 4th round of the competition.

Attention once again was given to the gaffer senor Benitez. The American owners obviously showing what seemingly i called a disrespect for the manager when they had negotiations with ex German coach Jurgen Klinnsman over filling in the job as Liverpool manager. I mean come on guys..Benitez is still the manager when they had that negotiations, how dare they already talked about filling in a post that is not vacant…its not like Benitez is doing some farming or gone fishing! Thats just not right man…that shows the faith the Yanks have with Benitez…they just made it public and now everybody knows they dont know anything about the English game….dont tarnish it ok dudes!



The scousers letting their sentiment known to the world

(image by Empics)

“Fat people retain heat better…True or False?”

No i’m not asking this question to you but this is the question asked by a teacher in one of the local schools. I’ve asked the same question to my colleagues and i received mixed answers. Some said its ok to ask this sort of question to students especially at the lower secondary level…but some people do find it rude to ask this question. Its a simple matter of ethics. Some people to find it offensive when asked about their weight. I mean i’m not overweight myself but i do find it a bit offensive. Maybe the question needs restructuring. You wanna teach those little kids good ethics by setting good examples to them with what is right and wrong, especially when you’re living in a society that conforms with the norm.

I do think that before anybody poses any question to the public/students/ or whoever,  they might wanna think carefully what the question is and choose the right words to ask. Its that simple, before anybody gets their ass skinned because the public now is more sophisticated and complex…:)

I hardly miss any of the Liverpool games this season. Whenever they play, i will always take the effort to watch them play no matter what time it is. But yesterday was a game to forget. I mean i am a true Red through and through but after last night’s FA Cup game against Luton…well i was too frustrated to even go back to bed. I never usually do this, giving scathing comments on the players but i can safely say that Luton were the better team.

Nobody seemed to have any creative ideas on the field last night. Especially Dirk Kuyt. I was frustrated with him the whole night. Fair enough the work rate is there, but he seemed to fail me most of the time with his errors and bundles.  Crouch, although he scored the goal, was just there to run around. Riise was just too normal, Babel was not up to par, Alonso was always half a yard late and so did Lucas…i think the only guy who should be applauded was the goalie Itandje and Carragher. Nobody in the Reds squad should deserve a pat at the back for their performance last night. Luton made them looked like an ordinary team…Liverpool didnt look like they were champions of Europe, or FA Cup winners or Super Cup winner…The just looked super ordinary!

Benitez would definitely have to do some magic here or else everybody will be restless. The fans would like to see changes, new ideas, new imaginations, new inventiveness…i’m not surprised if somebody is going to get the axe soon…

i was looking for bodykit parts for my car when i stumbled upon this website that shows the all new Ford Falcon 2008. I thought at first that mine was as good as iot gets but when i looked at the new model it is just simply the BOMB! i mean the whole body works, the wheels, engine, basically everything has been modified. And now the new Falcon is basically crazy looking, ass banging, chick magnet and highway rolling beast!


 Now you tell me if this is not a banging car! Its the shizznit!

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