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“Theres nothing quite as bad as a bad hair cut. And perhaps the worst of all is  the cut we call the Mullet”
– Mike D from the Beastie Boys
YEs…its the mullet cut ladies and gentlemen. The fashion hair style that rocked the world in the 70’s up till now. I thought people are over with the whole Mullet cut hair style nowadays but i was wrong. I was in Dortmund last year with my mates and saw this little boy sporting a mullet hair style. It was just so wrong to put it on an innocent little boy. I mean come on guys!…whoever the parents to that little boy is should be sentenced to jail for that. I did a brief research on this mullet hair style (yes..i was bored) and apparently some researchers (yes…there are apparently researchers for mullet hair style as well hahaha) believed that this kinds hair style was made famous by David Bowie in the early 70’s. He definitely made a fashion statement because the hair style is still around up to this day and age…
Mullet hair began as early as the 19th century and not because of somebody wants to make a fashion statement but because fishermen wanted to protect their neck from the cold, hence growing hair longer at the back. But now…thanks to Mr Bowie, it  is here to stay for generations to come as well, only to be talked at and made fun of….
There are certain stereotypings associated with mullet hair style. Old style / aged rockers, rednecks, bullies, people who are trapped in the 80’s, guns, tight jeans and checkered country style shirt and many more. I’ve asked a few of my colleagues and friends about this and they all came up with different answers…Klutz said that its “Hilarious!”…Ground 3 said its “ugly” and Evo said …”depends cos some people would suit that kinda hair style” I totally respect the last opinion…i mean ok…lets face it…some people could pull it off with that kinda hair…NOT! hahaha….IT SHOULD NOT BE WORN AGAIN PRONTO! The way i see it…if you still wanna cut your hair like that…then by all means…you can live back in the 80’s
definitely out!
And ooohh..there are a few types of mullet hair cut as well…there are more than 30 types all and all…yes…30 freaking types of mullet hair hahahaha…amazing just due to the fact that this hair style can evolve as well….my personal favourite will be the skullet! hahahaha…definitely a no no…
a skullet in action hahaha…minger!
Imagine you or your relatives or friends having this hair cut….its a complete hair disaster innit? so guys…lets get rid of this craziness…and bury the mullet once and for all….

Liverpool’s win over Boro last weekend saw them climbed up to 4th spot again. Torres single handedly gave the win as he netted a hat trick against a woeful Boro defense. Now if neutrals watched the game last Saturday, they would’ve thought that Boro gave the win to the Reds after 2 silly mistakes initially by a weak header from Julio Arca and then on the second half, after a confusion between Wheater and Schwarzer. Its true that Torres has the quality and awareness as a potent striker but if you look at the game…Liverpool still looked a bit blunt especially in open play. If it we’rent for those mistakes, I think Liverpool would’ve gone for a draw…Lucky is the word!

Next up will be Bolton at the Reebok stadium. Now we all know how physical Bolton can be when playing at home. Lets just hope that Liverpool toughen up for this match as well. We’re at a crucial stage now that we cant let any slip ups to happen again. We’re suppose to be gunning for glory on the top spot, but instead we’re fighting for fourth??!!!…something is terribly wrong here…

But as a strong Liverpool supporter…i will take a win no matter how we achieve it or how scrappy the goals are…as long as we get the 3 points…now its the matter of survival…

You know, this is very interesting. We all have watched movies, series, documentaries and even cartoons about UFOs and UFOs sightings. I have heard stories told by my friends about sightings of UFOS in Brunei…but non were publicized. Things about Area 51, alien abductions and strange marks on the fields all connected to UFOs visiting our big blue marble. But how true are these things? It is indeed a very subjective matter. I think UFOs only exist in the mind of the people who choose to believe in their existence.

Funny I mentioned that, a story goes way back when i was still studying at Uni when a couple of my friends went fishing around midnight. A friend of mine made a comment that UFOs can only be sighted in USA since we always see them on American based TV series and documentaries. Of course, they all joked about it and started laughing (and agreed) that this is true when suddenly, colourful lights started to appear from out of nowhere in the sky without any sound making left to right movements and disappeared after a couple of seconds. It became a famous story at my Uni but people generally still dont believe their existence. I remembered everybody at Uni thought they were just telling a bogus story. As much as i want to believe in their story, i am still skeptical about it as well. I mean the closest i’ve seen was shooting stars and that was it.



A UFO sighted in Geelong, Australia

(image courtesy of


Now you look at the picture and tell me whether thats true or not? I’m sure skeptics would think, “naaaaahhhh…its been photoshoped”. I mean it looks real and all but deep down inside, you would think is this real or not? I mean with the wonders of technology and all…anything can happen nowadays. Some said that its just a conspiracy that some agency is trying out new state of the art flying devices…the abductions, well the missing people before were just guinea pigs for some test conducted by these agencies. A lot of explanations can be conjured up as to why these flying saucers exist…the pros will always believe that alien life forms are out there studying us (and probably) trying to take over our world while the skeptics think that it is just a hoax…UFOs are not real, people just made it up…nevertheless UFOs have become sensations till now.

Have you heard any UFO experiences / sightings in Cuba? Trinidad and Tobago? Kenya? Sudan? Timor Leste? Christmas Island? I doubt you have. These UFOs / aliens are only interested in the developed countries… Rich countries, happening countries…its true!…They only visit famous countries…

I would definitely like to see and meet these aliens and ask them personal questions thats for sure. But until i see them with my own eyes…UFOs are just stories… and it will remain like that…

Liverpool left in late yet again last night to beat Internazionale at Anfield to claim the advantage over the 2nd leg. Inter was playing with ten men for much of the game when Marco Meterrazi was sent off for 2 bookable offences both on Liverpool striker Torres. Although playing with 10 ten, Inter played like they had 11 on the field when they managed to get their bodies to block off shots from all different angles. Ibrahimovic remained anonymous for much of the game as he remained isolated up front. Patrick Viera was also introduced in the second half to replace Ibrahimovic’s stike partner Julio Cruz and it was Viera’s mistake that nearly broke the deadlock after his clearance rebounded off Mascherano and straight to the path of Torres whose shot finger tip saved by the goalie.



Gerrard swarmed by his team mates after scoring the 2nd Liverpool goal

(pic courtesy of

Reina was untroubled for most of the game had nothing to save at all. To me, Man of the match could easily go to Javier Mascherano becuase of is covering infront of the back 4, this running in front of the front 2 and tireless run all over the park. Hats off to him 🙂 The 2nd leg will be equally daunting for both Liverpool and Inter Milan at the San Siro where the Reds will try and defend the 2 goal margin and Inter try to just qualify for the next round. All the best to Liverpool…You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Tonight is going to be a very big night for Liverpool FC as they will go head to head with the Italian outfit Inter Milan in the Champions League. Liverpool will try to bounce back after a shock defeat by Barnsley in the FA Cup last weekend. The only positive thing to look forward to is that Liverpool has no injury worries ahead of this clash, so that means  Liverpool  will go into this game with a  strong line up (hopefully)

The game will be at Anfield where the Reds will have to conjure up a win before travelling to Italy for the second leg match in 2 weeks time. This will be the first time both teams will meet in the history of the Champions League and certainly Inter will not take things for granted even though the Reds were defeated last weekend. Anfield will be in a totally different mood tonight as usual. I can imagine a capacity crowd with a totally awesome environment.

Torres will be back for this clash as well as the captain Steven Gerrard. The only players out are Daniel Agger and Andriy Voronin.



Benitez giving pep talk to the Liverpool Squad

(image courtesy of

I was called up the other by a good friend asking if i was interested in joining the Brunei Liverpool Supporters. And of course, being a true red, i duly obliged to go for a brief coffee session with the President and the VP to discuss what the club is all about. It seems like a good idea to actually set up our local fan base here in Brunei considering the fact that almost all of the neighbouring countries have their own Liverpool Fan Club base. I think in Brunei, the only major clubs that have strong supporters base are Liverpool and Manchester United. The minorities are the likes of Arsenal, Chelse, Spurs, Evertons and a few others.
As far as i know, the Brunei Liverpool Supporters Club is just waiting to get the green light from the AG Chambers and just waiting (hopefully by next month) to be affiliated with Liverpool FC Association of International Branches. Now thats gonna be a very big step for a true Red here in Brunei. Some activities are already in the pipeline as well for the fans and merchandises are waiting to be given a nod should the affiliation is completed.
I myself cannot wait to become a legal (so to speak) Liverpool Fan in Brunei. Exciting times ahead for Liverpool Fans here in Brunei. 🙂 For those who are interested in becoming a Liverpool Supporter in Brunei…go and visit the official website at


The Great Bill Shankly
“For a player to be good enough to play for Liverpool, he must be prepared
to run through a brick wall for me then come out fighting on the other side.” – Shankly

I was watching E! Channel last night and came up the 10 sexiest and richest models in the world. One caught my eyes…yes you guessed it, its Adriana Lima….man shes hot! The 26 years old model is Brazilian and is 5’10″…very famous for her work with Victoria Secret and she’s one of the angels for that brand….well she can be my angel anytime…hahahaha hot hot hot! Bedroom eyes…here i come…



I know u want me…look into my eyes and tell me you want me…hahahaha

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