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Yes indeed. Liverpool has the bragging rights after beating Everton last night in a merseyside derby. It was a game nobody expected it to be. A Low key affair compared to their previous meeting in Goodison Park. The previous game had 2 red cards, a host of yellows, 2 penalties and an own goal. I mean thats dramatic if u ask me. Btu last night was different. The game was ultimately settled by one man and that man is the 20 million pounds striker….TORRES!

I am not going to comment much about the game since its a low key affair. The Brazilian, Lucas stepped in for Mascherano while Riise was recalled at the expense of Aurelio. Dirk Kuyt played on the right. No disrespect to Kuyt, i mean everybody knows that he’ll always put 110% on the field but he’s a striker. To be honest, Pennant has been hugely under used this season. He is a brilliant winger, he’s got pace, trickery, passion and will to run at defenders…but Benitez looked at Kuyt instead. We need a natural in that position…not a striker.

For all it worth, we won the game by a solitary goal. At this stage, we dont care how we score the goals as long as its at the back of the net. Its the 3 points that counts…any less than that is just not good. And having said that, we won against our fierce rival, Everton…thus we will have the bragging rights until next season…hahaha…thats one whole solid year mate!


Liverpool was beaten by United 3-0. Reina’s errors gave Wes Brown and Ronaldo the headed goals while Nani put a screamer which Reina could only watch rooted to the ground. Mascherano was sent off and 2 other Liverpool players was given the yellow card. It was rather an ineffective display from Liverpool. Torres was quiet and mistakes were made here and there. that sums up yesterday’s game between Liverpool and Manchester United at Old Trafford. I dont want to make long comments about the game. It was done and dusted after the final whistle by Steve Bennet.

what i’d like to say is that the effects of the game to millions of Liverpool supporters. My boss said to me that we should not be affected by whatever outcome Liverpool gets after any game. To me thats where he was wrong. Liverpool is like a religion. It is up to us which team we support. I can safely say that I have been supporting Liverpool since i was a little kid back when King Kenny was still wearing the famous number 7 jersey. I have made up my mind that i will not support any other english team other than my beloved Liverpool FC. The feeling is nurtured, we idolized the players playing for the club and the managers. Its what you called passion. Its love…we dont want any return from the club whether they have won millions of silverware or non at all. Its the feeling of satisfaction and happiness whenever they win any game. I stand by on this…and i am sure that millions of other fans supporting their football club will agree with me that it is infact a beautiful game that can give us happiness and satisfaction. We simply love the game.


Like a father to a son – Benitez trying to calm Mascherano down

Man U 3 Liverpool 0 (courtesy of Getty image)

I read an article in the papers today that happiness can be bought. Yes i know that you might think that its wrong to say that but researchers have conducted a social study on this matter and found out that people who receive money from others are much happier compared to not getting any at all. And the same goes to the giver…they feel equally happy with the contribution they made. Thus making the notion that happiness can be bought.

People who gets more money from other people or organization tend to be in better psychological health. I mean…Ok, just try to relate this, somebody who does not have money will definitely be thinking, ” damn, i wish i have the money in the world so i could buy this and that” and once that person receives a hefty amount of money, he tends to be in a better state of mind and much happier.

But, i have seen with my own eyes that money can also means nothing. A rich guy who probably has a bottomless pocket can never enjoy his money if he is seriously ill. I mean fair enough, his money probably can get him the best medication or treatment, but what if its a really bad sickness with no cure at all.

Daniel Kahneman argued that:

“The belief that high income is associated with good mood is widespread but mostly illusory. People with above-average income are relatively satisfied with their lives but are barely happier than others in moment-to-moment experience, tend to be more tense, and do not spend more time in particularly enjoyable activities. Moreover, the effect of income on life satisfaction seems to be transient. We argue that people exaggerate the contribution of income to happiness because they focus, in part, on conventional achievements when evaluating their life or the lives of others.”

I guess it all boils down to how one perceive life and how they think they should do. I always heard that money is the root of all evil. I disagree with that. Money was made by men. Its paper or plastic (or in this case a synthetic material) that people made it as the legal tender. We tend to go crazy when it comes to receiving a big amount when it is just another piece of material. The root of evil or shall i say ROOTS of evil come in many different form and money is probably only one of them. Others could be sex, drugs, social life, self belief, confidence…and many more…

So yes…money can make one happy…im speaking from my own experience..hahaha

I was talking to my mate the other day about fashion and it dawn to me that some people do go to the extreme of making a fashion statement. No i’m not talking about doing a Cyndi Lauper hair do or waering something dramatic. Lets just bring down a notch…something less dramatic. It all started when i told my mate to wear a ball gown for a coffee session the other day and she just laughed her head off. But yet she was complaining that she doesnt have anything comfy to wear cos all of her jeans are much tighter now…Thats when i said…well tight jeans always look good in women no? Provided that particular woman has nice sexy legs 😉 And she agreed with me…



Ass huggers on women like this is always good for the male eyes haha



This dude is a lost cause…tight jeans on men are just a gonner!



Baju kurung – the traditional way

 No i’m not making a sexist remark on this matter but trust me…most men do think and look at women when they are wearing something sexy…no need to mention revealing! I noticed in our society (Bruneians) most females tend to wear tight jeans. fashion statement in Brunei has never been “out there” so to speak cos most ladies wear head scarf and “baju kurung” (a traditional malay costume) or loose blouse with baggy pants. (no disrespect, but i think blouse and baggy pants are boring hahaha) But some women wear tight jeans and tshirts as well. Then i asked my mate again as to how far would she go in terms of wearing something good…and she duly replied that she’d wear anything that looks good on her no matter at what cost and whether is comfy or not is not a big issue. As long as it looks good… thats when i asked her…to who does she wear her outfit for? Is it for personal gratification?…is it for the attention?…is it to flash what natural assets you have? or is it for the fun of it?…

It was the night all Liverpool supporters wished for. A win at the San Siro against Inter. I personally woke up at 3:30 to witness a great game of defence and attack. A defence marshaled by the experience of Hyppia, the youth of Skertel, the determination of Carragher and the flair of Aurelio. While in midfield, you can almost bank on Mascherano to protect the defenders and with Gerrard roaming around freely behind Torres, you know Liverpool still have that chance to knick a goal or two.

The other thing i noticed was Babel wore two different colours of Mercurial Vapor 4 last night on each half. 1st half he was using the red boots and on the second half he was wearing the dark blue boots. heck, i noticed every little detail of the game and no i wasnt sleepy at all last night.

Inter had a few chances that went to waste. Julio Cruz and Ibrahimovic wasted numerous chances to put Inter ahead. 8 yellow cards were shown last night (4 for each team) and a red card to Burdisso for a second bookable offence. It seems that inter was unlucky in both games and they later compounded by further misery as I’ll Nino scored the vital away goal for Liverpool. Aurelio’s cross from the left was expertly controlled by Torres and he didnt even have to look up to know where the goal was when he just swung his leg and beat the Inter keeper.


I’ll Nino’s strike of Glory against Inter at the san Siro

(pic courtesy of Getty Images)

After that, it was just routine football. Inter had to score 4 goals to go through and time was already running out. Liverpool completed the final 8 teams who are going to play in the quarter final. The draw is going to be this Friday. All 4 English teams are still in the competition which shows to the world, how high the standards are in Premier League.

Not an impressive display altogether but it was a win none the less. Any Liverpool supporters would be delighted with the win last night against Newcastle. But then again, its only Newcastle. I knew somehow its going to be a high scoring game, judging from past experiences. Liverpool went to St. Jame’s Park and won 3-0. And last night saw Liverpool beat them again by the same margin. The only difference was back then, Newcastle was managed under Allerdyce and now under Keegan.

No disrespect to Newcastle, but they seemed to be in trouble at the moment with Keegan’s second stint as the Toon Army’s manager was under fire again. I have this quiet confidence that we are always going to be on top in this game. Newcastle never did offer any serious threat to Reina and the defensive backline anchored steadily by Carragher and Skertel. Torres and Gerrard were on form for the last 4 games firing all cylinders. The only subdued performance from last night on the Reds’ side was Lucas who looked tired. Thank god Alonso was also at the top of his game last night.



Torres slotting home the 2nd for Liverpool

(image courtesy of Getty Image)


Pennant scored what proved to be only his 2nd goal for Liverpool opened the account after his lucky block lobbed Steve Harper and went into the empty goal. Torres proved to everybody what he was the man to watch as he cleverly rounded Harper for Liverpool’s 2nd and Gerrard scoring the 3rd after Torres put him through with only Harper to beat. It was a magnificent finish by the skipper who added his tally to 18 goals this season.

Next up will be Inter away next week. Liverpool already have 2 goals cushion to bring to Italy but I must urge Liverpool to play attacking football because sometimes…attack is the best defense…:) The game will be live at 3:30 am Brunei time…i am definitely going to watch that… 🙂

For the last few weeks, i have been scouring the internet and computer shops for the best, if not the right desktop for the house. The idea behind this is that i dont wanna overuse my laptop which i had for the last 2 years. I have the ASUS laptop (W5) series which has served me well and had no complaints at all…The desktop at home is an quite old by the current standard and is slow to respond everytime we try to click open an application. It has no brand whatsoever and its pretty much a desktop that was combined personally by the previous shop’s technician. Finding a desktop that packs punch with minimum cost is always an ass…but i managed to find a few 🙂

The 1st thing that came on the list was an ACER Aspire L3600. Although its small but it doesn’t pack much power and hard disk that i wanted. I love the design, its small and slim, compact and space saving. It is equipped with wireless LAN, 5-1 card reader, 1G of RAM, a DVD Writer and 160 Gig Hard drive. Other specs include 8 USB ports and a high definition audio support. I have mixed reviews  about this brand though. Since the sole distributor for this region is Malaysia (and no disrespect to you guys) i have that particular feeling that quality wise is a bit off….juuuuust a tiny bit…my mate was telling me that he’d get it cos spare parts wise is easier to get compared to other brands…which goes to shw that if the spare parts are in abundance…it only means 1 thing…it breaks down easily as well. My sister told me that compact size computers often generate a lot of heat since ventilation is not good inside it. And plus, it doesnt come with a monitor which really sucks although it costs about $688 which is pretty reasonable.



ACER Aspire L3600


The other brand that comes to mind was a DELL Inspiron 530s. This desktop has also a sleek design with silver finish.  It has the same 1G Ram, 160 Hard drive, a DVD Writer, 6 USB ports, its broadband ready as well, an integrated 7.1 channel sound and it comes with a LCD screen 17″ monitor. It cost a whooping $999…I have talked to the main distributor here and apparently, they dont have it in stock and they have to order the machine from Singapore (who i take it is the main distributor for DELL PCs in this region). I wanted to upgrade the RAM and HD drive and it’ll cost me more than what i can conjure uo from my pocket hehehe…so brand and design wise is good…servicing…thinking twice…we bought a Compaq desktop a few years ago in Singapore and we had a tough time servicing the desktop because shops here just dont wanna touch whatever thats being bought from outside the country :S now that sucks big time!




The DELL Inspiron 530s

 The other desktop that i found was and HP pavillion.Top of the line, heaven for most normal users. Sleek professional design although its a bit big, powerful but the only thing that made me think twice is the price which cost nearly 2K…so thats definitely out…

Now theres one more thing that i have to consider…are there any difference between Pentium Dual Core processors and Core 2 Duo processors? i mean seriously…which one is better? Im getting all confused here…can anybody shed a light??? :S i did my research on th processors and to me it doesnt make any difference…i havent experienced any of it since the latest processor i have is the centrino…so yea…where to go now?…Intel?…AMD??…

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