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Back in the days when i was a radio dj for one of the local stations here, i used to remind people drive with extra care. Me and my colleague used to host a rock show ( i think the only rock show in Brunei) and often be fore we actually got to full swing doing the show, we warned people not be influenced by the rock songs that we were about to play.

I guess in terms of personal experience, it does affect the way i drive. Take for example case and point, i was listening to Cobra Starship’s Hey Mr.Dj (Send my love to the dance floor) while i was driving my car. I tend to step the pedal to the metal. I get the adrenalin rush just by listening to the song. But if i listen to Amy Winehouse…i tend to relax a bit when i drive…So to me , there is a correlation between music i listen to and the way i drive. If i drive in a bad mood or angry, funnily i dont tend to drive that fast, i guess music plays a huge influence in my life…:) Let yourself be the guinea pig…find out whether it does affect the way you drive…:)


I remembered when i was still a little kid i used to watch sesame street. Back then, TV shows were so much simpler, Bruneian people used to be awed by simple television programs, be it documentary (which is low grade as well), local drama tv, imported tv series (usually from the states) and kids tv where back then cartoons were only shown late afternoons. Mind you, TV programs usually started at 4:00 pm and by 4:30 pm all the kiddies shows started i remembered when i used to stay at my grandparent’s place, little kids used to congregate in front of a small tv…that was the good old days.

Sesame street had its fair share of influence to kids my generation. We simply love the muppets in sesame street and looking back at their clips in youtube brings back fond memories of the show. And in the early 80’s, sesame steet used to air some of the hippest songs evarrrrr…

One guest star that ever appeared on Sesame Street was the magnificent Stevie Wonder. He composed a song for sesame street which was simple but yet, very catchy. I mean no wonder kids love it and sang it as well. I even had it in as my ringtone hehe…

Most kids in Brunei (my era) i think have been americanized by sesame street. The way they count, talk and even influenced their imagination…nothing bad about it really…to be fair i think the show has shown that combining tv with catchy songs, funny puppets and education made the show the most successful tv show.

Here’s Stevie wonder singing in Sesame street…i think its a catchy, motown groovy song…its stuck in my head…im sure it will be in yours if u listen to it….oh by the way, check out the afros, the shirts and the cool glasses…loving them!

I had a discussion with LSBD Vice President the other night about Mr Hicks’ ideas. I, for one, totally disagree with his ways to manipulating the media to support his cause and making the water murky. I would have thought that they would buy the shares in cash because simply they are texans and usually they are rich (considering the oil fields they have) and i know i am stereotyping them but hey, if you own another major sports club in the states then you must be big right?

According to the interview conducted at his home in Dallas he confidently mentioned about Liverpool’s CEO Mr Parry’s inability to turn Liverpool into a major financial powerhouse compared to their other rivals such as Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea. He mentioned about sponsors, arrogance, turning the club into a major international brand, the club’s supporters in Asia but all is about to finance his other sports club (ice hockey and baseball) in the states. So Hicks wanted to make sure Liverpool to get all the money from all around the world to finance his other clubs. Ok, lets step back here and look at this matter from a far. Imagine you’re an outsider looking into this matter. I totally agree with the whole financial powerhouse thing because thats wehre we can build our new stadium, get good quality players and get top of the state facilities for the team and also the fans from all around the world.

But, ways to do it and also the real intention of doing it is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY wrong. I agree with Mr Gillett about the fact that any discussions should be between the board and not through the media. Decisions should be taken within the board and by the board themselves. So far, no stadium has been built although i remembered clearly that cranes and shovels should be in place a few weeks right after the buy out was complete early 2007. Their financial supporter Merril Lynch was reportedly in trouble over certain financial issues thus prompted speculations regarding the sell of Torres and Babel. In the interview he mentioned that him and his family love Liverpool City, the club, the people. But i bet you, theres going to be some major hostility if he stepped into the city. Thus thats the reason why he’s only conducting the interview from his home is Dallas. I doubt that he wants to make an appearance in Liverpool.

Gillett, Parry and Hicks…not doing a good job at all. (getty image)

In the interview, he claimed that the meeting with Klinsmann was originally being sat up by his co owner Gillett, attended by Parry and Hicks Jr and Snr. To me it doesnt matter who attended the meeting, its just wrong to have a meeting when Benitez is still in charge. You dont do that to your manager! It shows their lack of faith and trust in him. Nobody in their right mind would be setting up meetings with possible replacements while the dude is still in charge! I mean come one! I can understand why Benitez is in the hot seat. The Americans have managed to unsettled a big club by a single year.

I remembered as well that media is playing its part on this. DIC nearly bought the club’s share at one point before ex chairman David Moores had a sudden u-turn and decided to opt for the Americans instead. The media pointed out that the Sheikh wanted to buy the club as a birthday present for his nephew or some sort? but in truth, they would have a consortium and they would buy the club without taking any loans. I read the papers in UK saying that the guy have a bottemless pocket and his richness will surpass Roman’s pocket…i think for the arabs they would certainly see owning the club as a status for them other than supporting the club. They would leave the management to sort out the day to day activities. But then again, thats only what the media was saying. To be honest, finding the right investor who share the same passion, drive and commitment like the fans are very hard to find.

The solution to this would be to ask the American owners to sell their shares to DIC completely. They dont need people to be hostile to them. Both Gillett and Hicks ought to stay in US and manage their own clubs respectively. That would amicably resolve the problem. Everybody is at fault, be it Parry, Moores, Gillett and Hicks. They’re not doing any wonders to the Liverpool’s bank account as well. It is all about the money nowadays and you cant perform enough without it. Look at Leeds, they fell down hard. We need to fight for what we believe in…and its for the good of the club. We cant play with only our hearts and souls…but also with the strong and stable financial backing as well….

Liverpool is a club of strong tradition. On the other hand, the club needs to become a financial powerhouse as well like other major clubs in Europe. We cant just play football with our hearts anymore. Before, the great Bill Shankly used to say that in order for somebody to play football for the club, he needs to run through brick walls and come out running again…We would be happy if we can find players like that this day and age. But in order to be strong in all competition, we need to buy foreign players with tough mentality and drive to get the silverwares. I agree on Hick’s idea on turning Liverpool to become financially powerful…but i just think its wrong to channel it to other clubs and personal gain and using the media to manipulate people’s judgment.

Liverpool defeated Blackburn Rovers last night by a convincing scoreline of 3-1 thanks to goals from Gerrard, Torres and Voronin. Rather than dwelling on the the goals and win, i would like to talk about how the man in black Mr Alan Wiley conducted the game. Ok, maybe the frustration Arsene Wenger vented out for the past couple of weeks towards the referee is justified by one man last night. Not that we, Reds supporters are not happy with the win, but we could have won the game by a much bigger margin.

We had 2 penalties turned down and a few free kicks not allowed. Blackburn managed to keep the goals in a respective manner towards the end when Santa Cruz scored a consolation goal, but it should have been 5-1 by that stage. I remembered the comentators mentioned about Mr Wiley’s appraoch towards any game that we will try to keep the game flowing and less card brandishing. I respected that but when special circumstances arises, he should be able to judge when to stop and give advantage to any teams. Good thing the Reds manage to secure a vital victory against Blackburn, but if the scoreline is otherwise…i am very sure that everybody including Mr Benitez will go on and on about the ref’s decisions over certain actions on the field.

Wiley wiley wiley

Go westtttt…Mr Wiley looked harmless here (courtesy of

Liverpool has been troubled by problems off the pitch. From Hick’s meeting with Klinnsman to Parry asked to resign and DIC’s bid to buy the club. Its amazing how the players can stay focused especially at the crucial stage of the season. Benitez has done a marvelous job at keeping the team together and they still haveĀ  a shot at landing Champions League by the end of the season. I do hope for the sake of Liverpool’s future that the unrest in the boardroom is quickly settled and lets focus on the most important thing…getting silverware and finishing on top of our rival.

EBTG was formed in 1982 and guess what? They’re still around. The famous hot “missing” made them famous worldwide after it was remixed by Todd Terry. Hailing from Hull UK, their original music has always been acoustic. To be honest, i prefer the acoustic version of “missing”. That song is in my list of evergreen songs…its up there alright. But now, they have changed their music to more danceable tunes like Five Fathoms. I can imagine this song is being played somewhere in Ibiza šŸ™‚

check out the song…

Theres no word can describe about the game last night other than dramatic. I think for most neutrals they would throughly enjoyed the game from start to finish because both teams displayed strength in characters and magnificent football skills. I had my own rituals before and during the game started which i am not going to tell you. Its the same thing like when the players were about to enter the field, the will touch the sacred label in the tunnel leading to the field where it tells the away team “THIS IS ANFIELD”. I have my other rituals as well hahahaha…

Honestly, i admire Arsenal’s style of play. Abou Diaby’s shot was a shocker to me. I was stunned like Reina was in goal. But i do have to say though that Reina could have done better after Diaby beat him at the near post and he knew this. Everybody knew that he was the man under pressure from his own fault as he celebrated Hyypia’s leveller with such intensity on his face. I was not ready to admit that Liverpool is going to win the game last night after watching the gunner’s display but the confidence slowly came back. Crouch was restored to partner Torres up front and proved to be a handful for the Arsenal’s backline.

Torres was quiet for most of the game until about 20 minutes left on the clock when he put the Red’s in the driving seat again with a screamer. Sanderos was left helpless after Torres cooly turned away from him and gave Sanderos a defending lesson…and then 10 minutes of madness came.

First was Arsenal’s turn to put the leveller in the 83rd minute after Walcott’s brilliant run from his own half. I thought our players could have chopped his legs or something to stop him from running but instead Mascherano and Aurelia fell to the ground rather easily. Skrtel and Carragher was the last 2 defenders against 3 other Arsenal players who waited for Walcott’s cross. In the end Adebayor met his cross and slotted the ball in with ease.

A minute after that it was Liverpool’s turn to get back on top after Gerrard converting from the spot kick after babel was fouled by Toure in the penalty box. He made Anfield happy again after dispatching his spot kick. Babel who came in for Torres put the icing on the cake in stoppage time after out-runningĀ  Febregas from the centre of the pitch.

Gerrard and Torres

Can you feel my heartbeat Nando?…hmmm?? – Torres celebrated with Gerrard after

the captain scored from the spot. (image courtesy of Empics)

The semifinal is going to be another mouth watering games for Liverpool as they will meet Chelsea for the 3rd time at this stage. I am sure we will get the results when it matters…Moscow here we come! yahhhoooo…

Yes! We managed to spoil Arsenal’s day by grabbing a point at the Emirates. Crouch scored for the 1st time in ages and he still showed top class football. You just gotta love the guy for his absolute control and skills on the ball although his legs look a bit funny cos they look like 2 lamp posts to me hehehe…

Crouchie celebrated his goal against Arsenal

Crouchie celebrating his goal against Arsenal

(courtesy of

To be honest, we could’ve won the game easily last night. Arsenal never looked like scoring a goal other than that Bendtner goal. They rarely threat Reina in goal. I kept on reminding my mate last night that if i was a striker i wouldnt wanna play against Skrtel cos he just chop your legs down. A 50-50 ball would actually turn out to be your life as a football player to be 50-50 as well. On the plus side, thank god Skrtel is playing on our side. A major bonus for us since his shaky start debut against Havant and Waterlooville.

8 changes altogether in the Reds team and a fantastic performance from the young debutant, Damien Plessis, filling in the defensive midfield role left vacant by Mascherano. He timed his tackles well, made the runs, headed balls, blocks, passes…basically he’s a good chap with an outstanding future in his hands. A force to be reckoned with in the future. A plus side to this is that no matter who Benitez plays, we will always be strong…cos there is no such thing as a weakened side for Liverpool…everybody in our side is a threat from Skrtel…to Torres. Oh yea…Agger is not in the list yet…cos if he plays…we will have the equivalent to the Great Wall of China….hahahaha

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