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Colin who??

Posted on: April 4, 2008

Have you heard the name Colin Vearncombe? Yes…Mr Vearncombe. He actually sang the song “Beautiful Life”. Still dont know? The British band called Black?…one hit wonder? …well to tell you honestly, they’re only famous for this one song only and what an impact they made. Its a very relaxing song…and at the same time its eerie…catch my drift?? I know it doesnt make any sense but have a listen to it again…somehow listening to this song made me feel so relaxed but i just cant help it that theres dark cloud following me around…*sigh*



Mr Colin Vearncombe aka Black (courtesy of Wikipedia)



2 Responses to "Colin who??"

The song is called ‘Wonderful Life’ not beautiful life and you can find out a lot more about Colin Vearncombe and his latest music at

ehhh it’s wonderful life not beutiful life !

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