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Liverpool captured another unknown quality for the club as they added Philipp Degen from Borussia Dortmund. The right back who is a Swiss national is currently with his national team preparing for the Euro Cup has high reviews and ranked highly in Benitez’s book. He will add extra competition for Arbeloa and Finnan in that spot.

People would definitely argue about his capture since he is known little in the football scene but then again for me, who am i to judge Benitez. He brought Martin Skrtel to Liverpool in January from Zenit St Petersburg and proved to be a magnificent addition. So once again, i am putting Benitez’s decision on the spot. He seemed to have the knack to know brilliant talents to Liverpool. So lets hope Degen can add to the quality that Liverpool already have to mount a serious title challenge.

Degen to join Liverpool in July (courtesy of getty images)

More names to be added soon into the Liverpool ranks and lets just hope he brings in a new striker to partner Torres and natural wingers on both flanks.


If you want to say the title, you must do it in a deep voice…i was watching cartoon network the other day and i have to give them a 5 star rating for showing classic cartoon heroes. I mean kids nowadays only watched new cartoons, new superheroes and new cool graphics. I doubt the new generations will ever appreciate the cool corny graphics and scripts of the old age cartoons.

Birdman was first produced in 1967 and that was way back before i was even born. To come up with this sort of ideas back then must have been brilliant. It did sell to kids and cartoons fanatics. Birdman was produced by Hanna Barbera and became one of the cartoon hits back then. Although the storylines were simple but is suppose to be like that anyway, i mean kids dont want any complicated storylines right?

My right hand is bigger than my head…Birddddman!

Theres 1 thing for sure though, Birdman never failed to put a smile on my face…especially he and his useless pet Avenger flies and also after he’s done another good job capturing the villains…try watching the video and you see what i mean hehehe….bbbiiiiirrrrrddddmmmaaaaannnn!!

Birdman vs Morto the Marauder

I have a new found love. Russian women are just hot! The ones that i’ve came across are just deliciously mouth watering. I had a debate with my mates the other day about them caucasian women and my mates claimed that they will all look the same once they get old. All wrinkly and saggy…but then i was thinking right, we all will be like that anyway. Its just how u age is different…i rather think that one should age gracefully. eat healthy food, do exercises and rest properly. Of course, its a very subjective matter and its open for debate.

My personal taste, well…to be honest, i aint got no personal taste but Klutz always mentioned that i am always drawn to strong featured women like Fergie of BEP or Famke Janssen. I dont know, i guess im always attracted to bad ass women hahaha…last night me and Klutz got into talking between who is hot between Scarlett Johannsen and Elisha Cuthbert and we both agreed that Elisha’s face is hot but body wise…Scarlett wins by 2 million miles…and its true, Scarlett’s assets are all real, non of plastic origin. 🙂

Enough about the hollywood girls…they’re considered to come from a different planet. But Eastern Europe…now this is where the gold pot is. Seriously! I was just browsing the net and this one particular website caught my attention. Its and i obviously being the curious bunny that i am…i went through the catalogue and there a

re some amazingly beautiful…they will literally drop your jaw to the ground…

I have met English, Greek, Italians, Germans, Spanish, Dutch, Slovaks etc etc etc…but these girls that im talking about are just something…

I could just dream of Oksana’s eyes…hehe


Inna…looks innocent..but..mysterious

These 2 are just a sample of millions of beautiful women in the eastern bloc countries…what else can i say about them?..el perfecto!…hehehehe

On a personal note, there are some highs and lows for Liverpool. The reason why i say ‘on a personal note’ is because this is what i think of how my beloved team did this season. They were tipped to mount a serious title challenge this season and it looked like they were going to with series of wins but then stuttered a bit in the middle of the season by drawing too many games which they should have won easily at home and away. They only managed to get draws on the top 3 teams with the exception of Manchester United which they lost both home and away.

In the Champions League arena, they did pretty badly on the first round but then managed to pick themselves up in the second round by winning the remaining 3 of their games both home and away. They always have the knack of rising to the occasion when it comes to Champions League football. In the end, all top 4 teams from the premier League was in the quarter and semi final (3 teams in the semi because we knocked the Gunners out in the quarter final) and that goes to show how high the standard of football is in the Premier League.

Sissoko was traded to Juventus after failing to establish in the 1st team and in came Martin Skrtel from Zenit St.Petersburg who filled in for the injured Danny Agger. He slotted in perfectly well in the heart of defense partnering Hyppia or Carragher.

Liverpool was knocked off the FA Cup by Barnsley and that was probably the lowest point for everybody in Liverpool.

Of course, the main event of the season would have to be the boardroom wrangling between the 2 American owners. Continued on until the second half of the season with a bid from DIC to take control the club. Rick parry was asked to resign as the CEO of Liverpool after serving the club for a decade. Hicks played around with the media with all the speculations and reported talks with Jurgen Klinsmann to take over the club next season made Benitez’s future seemed unsure. It was later been cleared when Benitez claimed that positive talks were made between him, the owners and the CEO. The future remains uncertain in the boardroom.

The stadium was given a green light finally with a 60,000 capacity. Recently Hicks vowed that he would start construction ASAP this year and the stadium should finish by 2011…

Torres broke the record for the most goals scored by a foreign player in the 1st season by scoring 24 goals. The previous record was held by Ruud Van Nistlerooy of Manchester United.

Liverpool players were also in the hot seat with Benitez planning to chop and change his squad for next season…players include Crouchie, Pennant, Riise and probably Alonso could be on their way out in order to get quality players in for next season.

The future remains uncertain for the Liverpool skeptics but for the believers…Liverpool will always try to fight for honors in the future and put more silverwares in the cabinet…You’ll Never Walk Alone…We believe!

I think music was at its peak in the 80s. I remembered New Wave Music was reaching its golden era. Pop was back in the fray and never looked back until now, rock and roll kept on rocking as always up until the present day, big hair days, thick make up (you have to look at Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and Kiss although the later had waaaayyyy too much make up) Madonna started to be known all over the world, Kajagoogoo hit the music scene, ABC, Heaven 17…these are great moments man. I started listening to rock music when i hung out with my eldest brother and the first rock band i listened to was a band from Japan called Loudness. Back then my brother used to drive the old Toyota Corolla and the speakers were this high box set that almost covered the whole rear view glass. Back then, that was the shizznit!

I think when i started listening to rock music that i started to learn how to play the guitar. It was ambition back then that i wanna be able to crunch guitar playing skills like my rock guitar heroes. Akira Takasaki was awesome when he played his solos in “Thunder in the East” album. After that only i listened to other rock bands like White Lion, Metallica, Megadeth, Dokken, Queensryche, Bangalore Choir and many more….80’s era was the best…the golden age for music lovers…u gotsta love it! Here’s a clip from Loudness’s single..heavy Chain…enjoy..:)

Liverpool ended their last home game last night with a win over Man City. It was a deserved win by the reds but by far less convincing. Rather than talking about a dull affair last night, I would like to point out the misses and hits of Liverpool’s season. Much were talked about the board room saga that went on for most of the time this season at Liverpool. The Americans didnt see eye to eye and were always on a power wrangle for most of the time. DIC came in again to launch another bid to own the club but was thwarted by Mr.Hicks due to differences in future control of the club. Rick Parry was also adviced by Mr Hicks to step down as CEO of Liverpool due to his inability to turn Liverpool to a financial power house like Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Benitez’s position at the club was also under threat under the Americans after talks between the Americans and Klinnsman happened halfway through the season over possible take over at the club. That slowly died down after talks between the Americans and Benitez claimed to be “positive”.

In all honesty, Liverpool could have or should have been up there in the table hadn’t it been for the too many games drawn both away and home. Inability to kill off games proved costly to the hopes of title challenge this season. Some of the players played below par and questions began to arise as to whether they have the drive to win the games and titles. Its true that the game has turned to be more tactical, strategies being played out and the strength and depth of the squad but we should take also the consideration of playing for the club with a true heart and desire. I feel that players play only up to 80 – 90% of their hearts.

Liverpool were knocked out of the FA Cup by Barnsley and looked unconvincing when they met Havant and Waterlooville at Anfield. Again, rotation policy of Mr Benitez came to question when he rested big names in crucial games. They will have to look at the games such as Birmingham and Wigan at home when they didnt kill off the games immediately, instead opting for share of points.

Liverpool went to the semi final again with Chelsea for the 3rd time and bowed out. After the game people talked about how crucial the own goal scored by Riise, who i feel his days are numbered at Liverpool after that mishap. No disrespect to John, everybody knows that he has been a good servant to Liverpool for many years and he’s done fantastic when Liverpool won the Champs League in 2005. People are quick to point out the mistake he made on a crucial single night. A lot of “what ifs” were raised amongst the reds supporters…but then again thats the past and there is no point in dwelling in the past.

The shinign light will have to be the astute signing of Fernando Torres who last night scored his 32nd goal of the season. He has been in mercurial form the whole through out the season and a constant threat to any defenders. Another great signing will have to be the new centre back Martin Skrtel signed from Zenit St. Petersburg. He quickly adapted to the EPL surroundings and made MOTM displays in most games.

The names that could be out next season will have to be Kewell (he didnt play at all after the Barnsley game), Riise, Voronin (who i think is not effective at all this season), Crouch (i’ll be gutted if he’s going to move away from Anfield) and Pennant who i think didnt play to his full potential except during the Birmingham game at St Andrews.

Could it be the game strategies laid out by Benitez? The rotation policy? The players’ attitudes? or just simply no luck at all during games. There are so many things that we could talk about…

I think for next season, Benitez should try and put Babel as a striker partnering Torres. Mascherano and Xabi play the holding midfield role, Gerrard floating from left to right behind the strikers. Benayoun on the right or left, Kuyt as a second striker (probably).

I cannot see any deficiency in defense though. With the likes of Skrtel, Agger, Carragher, Hyppia, Arbeloa, Finnan (who i think could be on the move as well), Aurelio and now Insua…there is enough cover for everybody in that department.

Transfer speculations starting to surface for England International Gareth Barry from Villa. he has proven to be a great player who can play in any position in the park. I think Liverpool should bolster the squad for next season especially in wings and attack. We need to have another potent striker up front should Crouch decides to go. I know we have ended the season without any trophies again…but i think we should be thinking SERIOUSLY on winning more silverware next season…especially the EPL…theres nothing more i like to see than Liverpool crowned as the champions to all competitions they;re going to enter next season…reasons for being positive…We are the best…just need a little luck and super hard work from everybody…players and management….

Last night Liverpool was knocked out of the Champions League by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Drogba scored twice and a spot kick converted by Lampard secured a 4-3 aggregate to the blues. Liverpool hit back with goals from Torres and Babel. I actually thought that the game is going to go to penalty kicks again after playing out a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes. I still felt quitely confident until the spot kick which Lampard converted. When Essien’s shot flew in and was not counted because of dodgy linesman decision, i thought luck is going to be with Liverpool once again. Drogba put the game beyond Liverpool after he beat Carragher to slot in his second for the night.

I am a little upset for Liverpool not making it to the final, but at the same time remain positive because Liverpool showed character and strength to play like that away from home. We gave Chelsea a scare towards the end because we attacked continously in search of that leveller…if not the winning goal. Riise must be thinking what if he didnt score the own goal back in Anfield. If that could be reversed, i am sure Liverpool are dreaming of Moscow by now and preparing to face Man United. But like our captain said…”we win together, we draw together and we loss together”.  I just hope that Liverpool can challenge in every championship that  is going to be offered  next season…its been 2 years without any silverware now…i just cant help it  now that Benitez has instilled that winning mentality and the tradition of putting  at least a piece of silverware  in the trophy cabinet year in…year out…Liverpool is and will remain the champions in our hearts…

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