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Biiiirrrdddmaaaann…cool cheesy cartoon!

Posted on: May 18, 2008

If you want to say the title, you must do it in a deep voice…i was watching cartoon network the other day and i have to give them a 5 star rating for showing classic cartoon heroes. I mean kids nowadays only watched new cartoons, new superheroes and new cool graphics. I doubt the new generations will ever appreciate the cool corny graphics and scripts of the old age cartoons.

Birdman was first produced in 1967 and that was way back before i was even born. To come up with this sort of ideas back then must have been brilliant. It did sell to kids and cartoons fanatics. Birdman was produced by Hanna Barbera and became one of the cartoon hits back then. Although the storylines were simple but is suppose to be like that anyway, i mean kids dont want any complicated storylines right?

My right hand is bigger than my head…Birddddman!

Theres 1 thing for sure though, Birdman never failed to put a smile on my face…especially he and his useless pet Avenger flies and also after he’s done another good job capturing the villains…try watching the video and you see what i mean hehehe….bbbiiiiirrrrrddddmmmaaaaannnn!!

Birdman vs Morto the Marauder


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