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Torres as the king of spain. That should be the case since he ended the spanish heartache without any major european cup for nearly 50 years. His solitary goal proved enough to ensure teh spanish armada go  back to Spain with the coveted european cup after beating the lacklutre germans last night.

Although without the inform striker David Villa, Torres was more than capable of causing havoc to the german back four. One such guilty culprit was Philip Lahm, the star in German’s win over Turkey in the semi final and now a zero in the final. Torres outpaced him with ease and shot pass the oncoming old rear guard Lehmann.

The Liverpool fans would definitely put their heads high as one of their prodigal son gave the winner for Spain. Torres has and will become one of the Anfield greats thats for sure…Torres…Liverpool number 9…Nah nah nah nah nah nah…

Torres basking in Euro Glory (courtesy of


I dont really watch tennis that much to be honest but Anna Ivanovic is what made me stick to the tube more often. Althought she was defeated by some chinese player the other day, i just thought that she has done her part by gracing the tennis court. There used to be a lot of hotties in WTA but heck, Anna is just on a totally different level. Yet another prime example of the very existance of hot women from the balkans and eastern bloc countries.

Martina hingis, Sharapova, Dockic, Kournikova are all the previous hotties that used to caught my eyes and now Anna..*sigh* I cant anything else about this Serbian siren…she is just plain HOT! hehehe…

Too hot…must get umbrella…

See…i aint got no VPL..:P

I was browsing through the net and i came across a website that solely talked about the pit girls. Before, the topic didnt really catch my attention. I knew there are girls in the pits and i also knew they are hot. but seriously, i never knew they are THAT hot! hahaha…

Then i realized how lucky these F1 drivers must be. I mean not only they get paid to drive fast without getting any tickets but hot girls flock to them like bees to honey. Lucky bastards! 🙂

Then came in the finer things. Who actually chose these pit girls? Who are the judges? What are they looking for? I wanna know the criteria for choosing the pit girls. I know for sure:

a) Looks

b) curves

c) height

d) personality

e) deterrence to heat from the pit perhaps?

f) boobs size?

g) shoes size?…..

h) butt sizes?….tell me if theres any man out there who wouldnt wanna come home to these asses?

what??? what???…im actually curious to know what are the criteria. Maybe it can serve as a guideline for other men out there who are still looking for the ultimate pit girls everytime they back home from work hahahaha…a dream to every man i suppose.

2007 Turkish F1 chicks…i would want them to line up for me everytime i go back from work 🙂

Oh…and i notice 1 thing as well. Nearly all of them uses big fat ass shades, which i think is quite an appeal to me. Hawt is the word…hehehe just look at the Turkish F1 girls and also the Kumho tyre girls…

Again…who wouldnt want them to line up for you everytime you go back home? Sweeeettt!

Nuff said!…all i can say on behalf of the unfortunate men who can only view the images….we can only dream…dream til you sleep…hahahaha…sad…darn!

Now i think younger generations nowadays are not familiar with the name. But if mentioned Mr.Big then a few particular songs came up to mind like the remake of Cat Steven’s hit “Wild World” and of course the famous “To be with you” in which both songs are pretty much played acousticly.

These 2 hits didnt actually showcased Paul’s style of play. If you listen to any of Mr.Big’s other songs then you would definitely know that he’s one of the best in the business. I hardly see him play with any other guitar brands other than the Ibanez and i think i know the reason why. I’ve played with an Ibanez before and i gotta tell you that that guitar can seriously kicks some punch man. Anyway back to Mr Gilbert, he left Mr.Big in 1997 and was replaced by Richie Koetzen until Mr.Big was disbanded in 2002. Paul then continued with massive solo projects and still tours.

The best piece that caught my eye when i was still a teenage listening to their song was the “Green tinted sixties mind” song featured in their album Lean into It. The opening of the song caught my attention and up till now i will consider this song as one of the best ever written…

He’s definitely one of my influences before when i was younger playing the guitar. He is considered to be #4 in the World’s “Top Shredders” in GuitarOne.

Paulie’s cut his hair short now…but dont worry, you’re still my legend 🙂

And here’s a video of Paul with his former band Mr.Big playing Green Tinted Sixties Mind song….you gotta love the opening of this song…super!

Good qeustion. I dont even know the answer to be honest but there could be a few things that we could look into. 1 is there are not a lot of talented super footballer in UK and when i say this i mean British footballers. OR…there are a few talented ones but none were looked at or still player in the lower leagues. (example Theo Wallcott, Aaron Ramsey…who used to play in the nationwide league)

I bet you that if Cardiff City didnt go into the finals of the FA Cup, i doubt anybody would have been interested in signing Ramsey. Consider himself lucky because he just signed for Arsenal and thats quite an achievement to be signed in by the so called “Big 4”.

Another British player who has an expensive price tag is Gareth Barry. Villa slapped 20 million price tag on his forehead as Liverpool wanted to bring him in to Anfield. Why are they doing this? Martin O’Neil thinks that he had been an integral part of Villa sudden uprise in the Premier League and he has been the captain for Villa. Indeed he has been a good servant to Villa but its what Liverpool can offer in terms of football that counts. Liverpool have been playing in the CL for years and years and thats what Barry is thirsty of…the rush of playing in Europe and playing with top class players.

Crouch also has a very expensive price tag on his head. Benitez told Harry Redknapp that he will let go of Crouchie if they are willing to pay him 15 million pounds. Considering that he hardly plays for Liverpool last season…thats quite an expensive price.

OK heres what i think, British footballers are expensive because there is only a limited supply of talents available…Hence, expensive. They can easily adapt to the country, culture, no problems of language, highly mobile, no visa needed, no work permit needed. These plus points made them so expensive in the market and thats why most managers tend to look offshore for talents because they are simply more talented people out there, untapped talents and playing in some eastern bloc league. They are cheaper, easy to mould and will follow everything what the managers say just because they want to receive the better salary compared to playing in their country.

So far Liverpool have got Deggen on a free transfer and also Dossena from Udinese. Crouch, Riise, Benayoun, Alonso, Kewell are just a few names that is speculated to be out come the new season….I dont blame Benitez if doesnt pursue Barry and start looking elsewhere…to be honest, Benitez has the knack of signing unknown players and the proved to be valuable additions to the club…

The name Phillip Oakley would probably doesnt ring a lot of bells for most of the younger generations but what if i bring up the band called themselves The Human League. I think i can safely say that most people would definitely know who they are. Most famous in the 80s. I remembered them when i first watched their video “Dont you want me baby” on Top Of The Pops. They got got crazy ass tunes back then and famous in London clubs. But their most notable famous song was “Human”. You can even find the song in karaoke format and its awesome knowing Oakley’s voice range is not that high. I definitely put Human as one of my top evergreen tunes ever…

Human League singing “Human”

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