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Thanks to the I managed to feast my eyes to new Adriana Lima’s pictures. I guess one can never get enough of this sexy vixen. Some people might think her sexiest asset is the boobs…but to me…its most definitely the eyes and the lips…tell me what u think is the most sexiest feature about this woman. And ooohh..the hair as well…*sigh* bless this Brazilian beauty…

Im ready for bed now darling…dont keep me waiting…:)


Liverpool Supporters Club Brunei held their first ever football gathering last night at Le’Stadium. The crowd turned out to be not bad as about 50 or so people came. It was the opening day to the new season for Liverpool as they took on Sunderland away. The supporters were restless through out the game as Liverpool failed to make any impressions and they were quite for most of the game. Liverpool old boy Diouf who joined Sunderland from Bolton was their chief thorn as he made chances after chances. Plessis who retained his spot in midfield proved to be not enough for Liverpool’s creativity in terms of creating chances. Torres and Keane were anonymous for most of the 1st half as me and my friend counted the number of times they threatened the Sunderland goal…Nil!

At least Xavi Alonso gave that little creativity in the second half and he proved to be the colour in Liverpool’s play as chances started to come in here and there. The midfield looked to be more stable and livelier now. Keane was guilty of accidentally blocking Torres’s shot after Kuyt’s effort only manged to be parried away by the Sunderland goalkeeper. Alonso’s effort from deep inside his half nearly embarrassed Gordon as it only missed by inches wide to the left.

But again, Torres who was quite for most part of the game who provided the match winner. He collected the ball from Gerrrad and unleashed a thunderous effort from just outside the penalty box to give the Reds a 1-0 scoreline.

It wasnt a game that we want to remember really. But it was 3 points in the bag for Liverpool and knowing this is the Premier League marathon…we’ll gladly take it any day. YNWA!

Torres 1st of the season (courtesy of

OK, maybe Michael Phelps has been dominating the headlines over the gold medals collected in the Beijing Olympics or how the Chinese atheletes continued their relentless pursuit to getting their gold medals stacked up, but one thing that caught my attention was Ms Leryn Franco of team Paraguay.

She is participating in Javelin throw (so watch out for that) and yes the reason why i put her in my blog because simply she is worth it! Im telling you this Paraguayan beauty is a class act, not only she can throw javelin but she’s also a model…yes i said it…she is a frickin’ model. I mean how cool is that? a model who is also an olympian..she has my respect…salute to Ms.Franco! aye aye aye…

Ms.Franco…the Jave warrior! Die muthaf*cka!…Die!!!

Ms.Franco on a lazy Sunday…throw my javelin please…hehe

Liverpool FC started their campaign last night with a third round qualifier of the Champions League away to the Belgian outfit Standard Liege. All the hype during pre-season was far from reality last night as Liverpool managed to keep a clean sheet only JUST managed. Standard Liege were considered the underdogs against the Reds but obviously they had other ideas last night when the pressed the Liverpool players all over the pitch.

As a true Reds fan, wacthing the game last night was disastrous especially after a brilliant pre-seasons warm up games of undefeated streaks. I was unimpressed with the way the players performed and were often caught with their backs against the wall. Liege had tons of opportunities to kill the game especially with the penalty given to them in the 1st half. Reina made a fine block to keep the scoreline at bay. For the Reds, chances came in far and scarce and Keane made no impressions at all with Torres often been ganged up by Liege’s defenders.

Gerrard only started from the bench to try and change things around but was still unable to change the scenario as Liege pressed further on until the death. Damien Plessis started along side Alonso in midfield while Benayoun floated from right wing to support the strikers. Even Kuyt made less impression last night.

Thank god for Carragher and Agger at the back who sured the defence while Arbeloa often got caught by Liege’s lively left winger. There are no secrets on last night’s game. Liverpool played a below par game and Liege increased their standards. On a personal note I am not really pleased with how the Liverpool players approached the game…we expected higher and Liverpool should put their act together for the second leg in 2 weeks time at Anfield.

Reina heroics saved Liverpool…

The 8th of August 2008 not only marked the beginning of Beijing Olympics and also a good day for people to get married 🙂 but its also the beginning of a new era for all Liverpool FC Supporters in Brunei Darussalam.

After a lot of blood and sweat spilled, the club finally became official last Friday. The founder of this club Edmund and VP Emmy have put tireless effort in making sure the club is running smoothly. The supporters club is now affiliated with Liverpool FC at Anfield and is one of the many regional branches in this region. (theres one in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia to name a few)

So far, this is the only supporters club in Brunei that is established. Liverpool FC has a big fan base in this country and by far the most active as well. Some people might argue that Man U has a big fan base as well but i can safely say that LSCB is the pioneer in setting up the supporters club. Lucky draws, matches, gatherings, merchandise discounts and many more are in the pipeline for members…

Yes..its official now! 🙂 yiippeee!!

I read an article posted in about a survey conducted by Sky HD (high definition) where they looked through fans of different clubs of the Premier League. Not only that the football teams came under the microscope but the fans as well. With the help of a reputable modelling agency in UK, Liverpool fans are considered to be the best ones. But unlike looking for hot bods and sexy looks, they were looking at a more general picture. Chiseled bone structures, muscles, physical attributes and what not have made us Liverpool fans the best of the lot. I have to agree with Sky HD that we are the best looking bunch hahaha…and guess what?..Fulham came second and Manchester Utd are at number 10 occying the last position hahaha…damn right they are!

We are the best looking supporters…up the Reds!

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