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Yes we did beat Everton over the weekend and no i wasnt utterly satisfied with Liverpool’s performance. We beat them by 2 goals courtesy of Torres i know and contrary to what Gerrard said that its their best performace this season so far, to me i think we could still further improve. We could have work out a few more details on the game. Liverpool could have utilised on their chances in the 1st half. Could have gone ahead by a goal or two.

I guess the reason why i’m so critical about Liverpool’s games these days are because of the games like we had last week against Stoke where we only managed to a draw from the new boys. Games like those we need to win easily to gain the needed points and plug away from the rest of the premier league contenders.

Look Ma…i can fly!…(Torres)

I guess i can be thankful that we managed to beat our rival thanks to Torres’s brace and points are already in the bag. Standard wise, we still need to sharpen our attacks and awareness. We need to be hungrier and hunt the opposition down to their hole until they cant even get out of their penalty box.


Liverpool should have buried the game yesterday and woke Tony Pulis up to the rude Premiership awakening. Squandered chances, bad controls, wrong decisions, bad timings all contributed to the scoreless draws, plus Stoke City defended with 11 men behind the ball. They hardly even have shots on target; in fact they have no shots on targets.

This is the time when the supporters start to over analyze the game and give their views on what happened on the pitch. Amazingly, the Reds did manage to put the ball past Sorensen in goal but it was not counted. Direct, indirect, offside, foul whatever the reason was, it baffled most of the supporters last night, and I am sure Gerrard felt the same way as well. The celebration lasted only a minute.

Now come to the critical point. Liverpool played a 4-4-2 system, trying to accommodate Keane to play alongside Torres up front. Obviously we have been playing this set up since the beginning of the season and pundits and football fanatics alike have been criticizing this formation. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out that Liverpool have been struggling to beat Standard Liege over the 2 legs, scraped a win away at the Stadium of Light, a late show against Boro after falling a goal down, an inspired Gerrard brace at Stade Velodrome against Marseille and 150% work effort against Man Utd. Now we only have to look at those games. Have we been effective in this 4-4-2 set up compared to the 4-5-1 formation last season. We discussed this amongst our so called “local pundits” after the game that Senor Benitez (no disrespect to you sir) wants to play a 4-4-2 because he wants to accommodate Keane up front with Torres. The partnership is still not working which resulted in lack of goals coming in and this act as a catalyst to the supporters getting impatient. Being the supporters, we do expect Liverpool to mount serious challenges in all fronts and this is not how we want to do it. Not being able to beat the team 2nd from bottom is just not acceptable to Liverpool standards.

Sacrifices have to be made. I think Benitez of all people should know that he cannot make every player happy. Somebody must be benched in order to make sure Liverpool have the edge over any opponents. The back end of last season proved this. We were unbeaten in so many games that if we played that way from the beginning of the season we could have or should have been the Champions. Forget about the mercurial form of Ronaldo last season. Let us look ahead now to the Everton game next week. We demand Liverpool players to be more clinical, hungry, strong and fast in the remaining games of the Premier League. We all know its only been a few games, but we must be realistic, if we want to be the Champions this year, performance like last night is just simply not acceptable.

After a thorough homework and research, i finally made a decision on what should i get myself for a birthday present. It is of course for self indulgence 🙂 and the fact that i came across some nice work taken by pros in  I recently just bought a Sony DSLR A350. A whooping 14.2 megapixel comes in a carbon fibre body that is quite easy to handle for asian hands 🙂 There are a few best bit about this camera and i dont mean to sound so biased.

The Sony A350’s technology is a combination of 2 other brands namely Minolta and Konica. Not only the A350 uses the wide choices of sony lenses, but it can also use the hundreds of Minolta lenses available in stores. So thats already another added bonus. Somebody told me that brilliant shots are taken not by the camera but by how we use it and manipulate the camera. The angle, the lighting, the tricks all make up as components of producing excellent pictures which i think is true.

It is however quite an expensive hobby. The lenses sometime can cost thousands of dollars. This could be an empediment to beginners. But i guess photography takes time. One can only grow slowly. Skills are nurtured and interest must be kept alive. So wish me luck…i am a newbie in this field…

Sony Alpha A350 – a toy worthy of any opponent hehehe

a classic video…simply love it!

Yes. Thats right! Eat your effing heart out! I knows its been 3 years since we last won a game against manchester utd. But you know what, this year is going to be the year that matters. We played with such style and finesse that i’m still getting goosegumps just thinking about it. We managed to shut the devils down and send them back to hell (other than that 3 minute opener by Tevez) and even Rooney was playing deep in his own half doing some defending. How many times did you see him play deep inside his penalty box?And what of the so called 30 million pound signing, Berbatov?Not even a peep. Feel the wrath of Skrtel and Carragher, Berba..feel it!

“I can do this cos i scored against Man U…loser!” – Ryan Babel (getty images)

After seriously falling 1-0 only after 3 minutes, it was not the ideal start we anticipated. But I was quietly confident that things were going to turn around in due course. I reminded my mate Jeff that things are going to change soon and it did. By god it did! No matter how we scored,(need i remind Wes Brown’s little catastrophe) it put the scoreline level after Alonso’s cross shot was only parried away by Van Der Sar.

We played far better in the second half.  The liverpool official website stated  that Benitez advised the players to sustain their confidence. Their grit and determination was displayed in majestic galore by the second half. They pushed harder, ran the midfield, strikers uppin’ and runnin’, defenders blocking out every attempt…all in all…it was magnificent and after that description, i needn’t remind you (yes you, Devil fan reading this!) that Liverpool was the better side. Bad luck was attributed in the failed attempt to score 3 to 4 more goals.Imagine seeing grown men of the opposition cry. Although, i do admit the sight would be one to remember. Haha.

Congratulations to Wes Brown for scoring the own goal. A big pile of boo to Nemanja Vidic after being sent off (this should have been done earlier when he did a professional(also very obvious) foul on Keane after he was put clear on goal). Devastation marked the face of Berbatov and he faded away as the game wore on.This is definitely a lesson learnt for Sir Alex in his “efforts” to keep his mouth shut in commenting Keane’s worth.

MOTM: I would think its either between Mascherano and Carragher, both players great…but for this one in particular, i believe this toast is dedicated to the Argentinian. Salut!

Righty-o. Everytime i log on to the internet, read the papers, watch the news on TV theres always something about Sarah Palin. She did this…she did that…i mean ok, i guess when you are the potential VP i guess campaigning is good thing as well. But the name appears everyday. We all know USA but do we wanna know every single thing about whats going on there…especially the politics. We already have enough trouble in our backyard so i think we sould just consider fixing or worrying about ourselves first. For that, let me just divert your attention to Sarah Palin’s daughter. I guess we all know what kinda trouble she’s in at the moment. Fair enough the mother being a pro-life but allowing the daughter to be impregnated below the legal age is just so wrong mate!…But i guess given the right time after she blossomed then i would definitely think the daughter is a hottie. Not a “hottie” hottie…but a political decent hottie hottie…hahahahaha i’d date her if she’s single and available hehehe…

see what i mean by decent hottie hehehe

8 Million pounds for Riera. Now thats the kida deal we’re looking for. Instead of getting a left footer midfielder, we got a left footer WINGER! a natural might i add. This is the kind of quality you’re looking at to fill in the hole.  With Riera swoop already done, Torres’s injury can be filled by able natural strikers like Babel, Ngog, Keane or even Kuyt for that matter and not to mention the new teenage sensation signed a day before Riera, the Brazilian Vitor Flora.I was even impressed with the HUngarian striker Nemeth who is playing in the reserve squad.

Riera who used to play in Espanyol last season turned down several other offers coming from the Premier League and opted to join Liverpool instead. That shows the desire and hunger to play and succeed. He could slide in perfectly well at the left side for the next game against manchester utd in 2 weeks time. Plus it’ll be in Anfield and its going to be some major debut for him if he could make a positive impact on the team. Lets just hope senor Riera can and will… 🙂

Riera …liverpool new boy

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