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Whats this thing about Sarah Palin…lets take a breather and focus on the daughter

Posted on: September 13, 2008

Righty-o. Everytime i log on to the internet, read the papers, watch the news on TV theres always something about Sarah Palin. She did this…she did that…i mean ok, i guess when you are the potential VP i guess campaigning is good thing as well. But the name appears everyday. We all know USA but do we wanna know every single thing about whats going on there…especially the politics. We already have enough trouble in our backyard so i think we sould just consider fixing or worrying about ourselves first. For that, let me just divert your attention to Sarah Palin’s daughter. I guess we all know what kinda trouble she’s in at the moment. Fair enough the mother being a pro-life but allowing the daughter to be impregnated below the legal age is just so wrong mate!…But i guess given the right time after she blossomed then i would definitely think the daughter is a hottie. Not a “hottie” hottie…but a political decent hottie hottie…hahahahaha i’d date her if she’s single and available hehehe…

see what i mean by decent hottie hehehe


1 Response to "Whats this thing about Sarah Palin…lets take a breather and focus on the daughter"

well, would you? :oP
I think she might be a cutie, but i don´t think you would live good with Sarah Palin as your mother in law…hahhahahahha

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