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I love my new toy..Sony DSLR A350

Posted on: September 20, 2008

After a thorough homework and research, i finally made a decision on what should i get myself for a birthday present. It is of course for self indulgence ๐Ÿ™‚ and the fact that i came across some nice work taken by pros inย  I recently just bought a Sony DSLR A350. A whooping 14.2 megapixel comes in a carbon fibre body that is quite easy to handle for asian hands ๐Ÿ™‚ There are a few best bit about this camera and i dont mean to sound so biased.

The Sony A350’s technology is a combination of 2 other brands namely Minolta and Konica. Not only the A350 uses the wide choices of sony lenses, but it can also use the hundreds of Minolta lenses available in stores. So thats already another added bonus. Somebody told me that brilliant shots are taken not by the camera but by how we use it and manipulate the camera. The angle, the lighting, the tricks all make up as components of producing excellent pictures which i think is true.

It is however quite an expensive hobby. The lenses sometime can cost thousands of dollars. This could be an empediment to beginners. But i guess photography takes time. One can only grow slowly. Skills are nurtured and interest must be kept alive. So wish me luck…i am a newbie in this field…

Sony Alpha A350 – a toy worthy of any opponent hehehe


5 Responses to "I love my new toy..Sony DSLR A350"

I bought the same camera. The picture quality is amasing, Perfect for wallpapers for my PS3 :p So far I`ve taken some really nice pictures with it. Really, anyone with the money DSLR is the way to go. But I also agree that the skill of the photographer is as, if not more important than the quality of the camera itself. But you learn from the pictures you take and get better over time.

HI! purchased it too! Mainly to take pix of my kids while playing sports. My son played Baseball in Cooperstown, NY some of the photos were just great. I was able to take him at a far distance and still be able to enlarge w/that 14 MP.

It is still a learning expeience. I am anxious to learn eberything that this CAmera has to offer.

thats great!…is there by any chance i can have a look at the pictures then? that would be awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

HI HI HI ! i am very happpy with my Sony A350 the thing is i have got the taste of pictures but i dont know 10% of the function most of the time i use the auto mode and i would like to use other options can any one tell me where i can find tips cause me and manuals are like water and oil

Hi ray, well i basically learned the user manual which i think is quite good enough. Other than that, i bought a few books on photography. The best ones are from Tom Ang. For me i hardly use the auto mode. I use the program mode as i can manipulate the shutter or aperture control from there. But if you think you have good photography eyes, then i think you should dive into manual focusing. Aperture controls are for the depths of field on the subject and shutter speed is to control the length of time for the camera shutter to close during taking pics…its absolutely brilliant for night pictures…although u need a stand or steady hands for that ๐Ÿ™‚

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