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I have fallen in love straight away every since i first laid my eyes on this beauty. No its not a woman but its a car. A Dodge Challenger to be exact. Its got that look of pure brute and muscle combined with classic american design and beauty that captures my attention. Now the reason why i said “my attention” is that other people might see this car as funny or boring looking (and trust me i have come across those people) but i guess beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

All i can say about this beauty is that it packs a Hemi V8 – 6.1 litre engine. Now that will hurt of of the normal cars out there really bad. No matter how luxurious the car is…that kind of power just cannot compare to any of them (except for tuned up modified engines). All i can say is….i love you and soon we will be together….hahaha (evil laugh)


Sexy in red…


Menacing in black (


Today i read Benitez’s comments on unleashing the Gerrard/Torres partnership again starting this week’s clash against the french outfit Marseille. I for one can only think of one thing and one thing only, Liverpool’s attacking threat is not sharp enough. Gerrard and Torres scored some 54 goals between them last season and that was a clear indication that this duo can rack up a huge tally of goals for the club.

So what does that mean? No place for the “ineffective” Keane on the side. No disrespect for the irishman but he was guilty of squadering chances after chances (especially with the Fulham game) and that might signalled the 4-5-1 formation for Liverpool where Gerrard floats just under Torres. Benitez might have to abandon the 4-4-2 formation in order for the deadly duo to come into effect. Keane has been hugely ineffective to me (except for the time when he scored twice against West Brom where he looked lively and hungry) this season. For someone his calibre, he should be more deadly in and around the penalty box.

robbie_keane_784240cKeane – still not sharp enough (

I can imagine how Benitez must have felt when drawing against Fulham at home. A few chances gone begging and failed to leapfrog Chelsea (who drew against Newcastle at the Bridge) and now we still level on points. Benitez must have sleepless nights thinking about how his strikers or players could not convert the chances into goals. Fulham should have been dead and out.

What surprises everybody was the inclusion of Lucas who played full time. Ok, fair enough the players had international duty to go to last week but Lucas was not sharp enough for the game. I still doubt this capabilities sometimes because he looked like he was not in the mood and not hungry enough to play during the Fulham game. This is evident when he kept on loosing the ball and stray passes in the middle of the park. So Lucas should have been substituted earlier for Alonso and keeping Mascherano on the field.

So Gerrard and Torres back in the old system. A mouth watering combination that would make any defenders worry..sounds good to me as long as they are not injured. YNWA!

Its been about 2 months since i started my new hobby and i do have to say its quite challenging. I am not trying to strive to be the best in the business (since its not my bread and butter) but i do think that taking good brilliant shots make some sort of self satisfaction and reward. Remy, a mate of mine commented on the pictures that i took from the moment i first started to pick up my DSLR that my angles have improved. Thats at least one word of encouragement coming from a guy who is very hard to please (and believe me he can be exessively critical of the shots that i took before hahaha) but at least im getting there.

Theres one book that i bought back in KK by professional photographer Tom Ang made me realize that one does not need a state of the art DSLR camera. Its the angle, moment, environment and timing that is important. Well DSLR made the pictures taken more sharp and added quality of course but those 4 elements make a picture come alive. I can safely say that Tom Ang is probably one of the best in the business. 🙂 Thanks Tom.

One more trick that i picked up ever since i took up my new hobby is mastering Photoshop CS3. In a way i am glad that i didnt pick it up when it was still on version 7 or lower because i can imagine how complicated it would be for me to learn it. But with CS3, its brilliant. The only part that needs to be put in is a little bit of creativity because all the rest is just by a click of a button. Its simple and trust me guys…its highly recommended. Another amazing piece of software.

I do plan to put up a few pictures here (or open up another blog just for photography) and tell me what you guys think about them…soon. So watch this space….

I was reading some posts by couple of friends back in facebook. On average we are in between the age of 24-30 and that is still considered to be young, youthful, exuberant, energetic people who can lead, follow and create more interesting paths ahead. A couple of my mates are already stressed out at work citing the fact that they are not appreciated at work or doing the routine job over and over again. There are a lot of factors that leads to demotivation. Office politics, bureaucracy, office environments are a few other things that can create the imbalance.

I am no expert in looking into this situation nor that i am an expert in giving motivational talks but i do know a thing or two about office politics / motivations as i am in the system myself. The way i look at it is simple.

1. Know your limits.

2. Know when to bud in.

3. Dont meddle in other people’s business.

4. If you dont know about a task…ASK.

5. Stand up to what you believe in.

6. Try to relax every now and then…destressing is important

7. Never bring work home

8. Remember God.

9. Finish your task without any hassle, dont make things complicated.

10. Make yourself and other happy.

For me these things have been pivotal to where i am now. So far so good 🙂

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Certainly a very hard pill to swallow. Liverpool’s lost at white Hart Lane brought us back to the ground. It was rather unjust and some what unclucky to team and to the supporters after dominating much of the proceedings. We played brilliantly the whole throughout the game (for the exception of a Carragher own goal and defensive mishap that lead to Pavyluchenko’s winning goal in the 90th minute). That was a sucker punch.

Me on a personal note, kept on believing that we could crawl our way back into the game and managed a draw. Thats the fighting spirit that all Liverpool players have (evidences were there in the previous games). I never stopped having faith in the players and trust that they will keep on attacking until the man in black (or yellow or green) in the middle of the park blows his whistle.

There is no point in me talking about how Liverpool had numerous chances to score goals because the game ended days ago. Its true what senor Benitez’s saying, its time to look ahead to the next fixture which is home to Athletico Madrid for the Champions League 2nd round phase. We do hope that the Reds will bounce back after that demoralizing defeat at Spurs. We are made to be champions and champions must crawl their way back from the dead….YNWA!

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