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Considering i just purchased a new lens from E-bay, i think i have made a good purchase in getting the Cosina wide telephoto lens. The 28-300mm f/4-6.3 lens is considered to be one of the top notch brand. I did ask about the lens and so far all of them have never heard of the brand before. Mind you, these people that i asked only made photography as their hobby for the last 3 to 5 years the max. So yea, i dont think they have heard of Cosina before.

Why i bought it? I was looking for a wide angle zoom lens, so other than the Sigma lens, Cosina fell into that category. Plus the deal was great so i knew that i did not have to think twice about getting it. The result was simply marvelous.


Rugged and steady built…Cosina lens

The bit i like about this lens is the rubber grip that is as big as the Indian Ocean. It gives me more control and less shake. The retractable zoom is a bonus and clarity does not need to be mentioned here in this blog. Go ahead google it. I simply dont wanna put any words here because other companies / people have been reviewing it as well. And i can assure you, they have been impressed with the lens. So far, i have acquired 3 different lenses and i love them all…booyah!!!


It was a convincing win for Liverpool last night against PSV. And the best part was, they were playing in Holland. A good 3-1 result will certainly put the players in a good mood ahead of next weekend’s clash against Hull City at home.

The Reds fell behind with much controversy after it was clear the PSV player was a yard offside. But Babel who returned to the side headed home the equalizer right at the end of 1st half to give the Reds a breathing space. Second half goals from Riera and N’gog put Liverpool out of reach and top of the table as Atheletico Madrid only managed to draw blanks at Marseille.

3 academy players were drafted last night and got to play in the Champs league, Kelly, Martin and Spearing put a brave performance which is always nice to see. Babel under fire of late was effective on the right. Keane looked lively ahead and gave 100% although he didnt manage to get in the scoresheet. Cavalieri was between the sticks after Reina was given his day off and Lucas partnered Mascherano in the engine room as Gerrard and Alonso were on the bench.

News certainly popped up again this week over unrest for a few of the Liverpool players. Babbel apparently requested for a loan spell to Ajax to get 1st team football and so does Benayoun. Well January is just around the corner and as to whether we are going to see players coming in or going out is yet to be seen. My feeling is that somebody very familiar is going to be lined up…i wont say any names…but im sure we have fun memories of “Bruno”….if you guys know who i mean… 🙂

No im not being fickle but i talked to an Audi sales agent today and the A4 will only be arriving in Brunei today (after a long anticipated wait). I still think the dodge is a mean car but A4 offers a different agenda totally. I only know the fact that Audi’s engine was voted as the best engine this year and thats about it.

People fancied the sleek body design compared to the old one and i do have to agree that it can be deemed as BMW 3 series and Merc C class range nemesis. And rightly so. The new A4 is wider, longer and the interior gives out a more accomplished look compared to the beemer and the merc.

So i have lined up myself for a test drive next tuesday to check out the new A4. This should be interesting. Cant wait to feel the car as to whether it will talk to me or not. 🙂


i like white in an A4

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