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A double over Chelsea…

Posted on: February 2, 2009

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning as I was watching the big game last night with my fellow Brunei Reds at our HQ in Rimba. It was a game against Chelsea. Having already beaten them at the Bridge this season, Liverpool went into this game with intention of securing their first victory of 2009 after consecutive draws in January.

There were huge turnout last night at our HQ as members wanna witness the big game and see if the Reds can overturn their fortune this year. Liverpool started with the effective line up that was deployed last season as Gerrard playing the supporting role behind Torres. Liverpool started off brightly between the two as Alonso tested Cech on goal with a a fierce drive. Macherano also tested Cech with a low drive which Cech failed to handled comfortable. Unfrtunately there were no Liverpool players in hand to pounce on the loose ball.

Lampard’s dismissal in the second half opened the game even more. I am very sure that on some quarters the sending off of lampard was uncalled for. But Mike Riley was at the spot and he had to make a decision right there and then. Out came the red card and off Lampard went. Chelsea might think its unfair but try putting yourself in Mr Riley’s shoes, refereeing one of the biggest match and on the spot light. If it were to happen to us, we’d probably say ” come one ref…he got the ball first”. It was easier for us because we were not there.

Liverpool finally got their break late in the second half when Alex, who performed admirably well throughout the game left Torres by probably an inch to allow the Spanish striker to head acutely into the net beating Cech. And then Benayoun’s pressure on Cole presented Torres an easy tap in for the second of the night late in injury time. Two mistakes and two goals. The double over Chelsea was completed. YNWA!


Torres brace against Chelsea moved Liverpool up to second.


6 Responses to "A double over Chelsea…"

Liverpooli eshte shum i bukur shum mir lun fotboll ai ka 5 kup

hej ku je bre o fernando torres qi je ma i miri prej krejtve
te dua shum sepse luan mir per liverpoolin gjithashtu edhe steven gerrard e du shum se edhe ai e luan mir per liverpoolin ju dua te gjithve qe jeni ne liverpool
tung tung

torres remains my world best player. in fact i learn for him. football teacher i call him instead of F T, fernado torres. staying in liverpool is good for him cos he can achieve his dreams there. i love you torres. for all you liverpool haters, you can go to hell.

te es le trés trés belle jouer a lespain


je shum i fort
je shum i bukur
lun fort

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