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Yea, i was thinking of getting a TV and a digibox today, thinking that this might kill my boredom in the flat. I tried to convince myself that TV is another solution of getting entertainment. Considering the fact that I’ve been here since September last year and have no TV since then, i thought hey, i can do this. And i succeeded in quenching my desire into getting a TV. I am still fine without it really, considering that the only time i watch TV is when football is on. Other then that is zero, nothing, zilch! I always resort to my trustee internet connection here although it can be a real bitch sometimes, especially at night when everybody is using the net.

Last week i watched 8 episodes of Supernatural through youtube. You see what i mean? Without TV i can survive, but without the net, i dont think i can survive at all. I think the forms of entertainment that we can get has not shifted that much, it just keeps on getting broader and broader by the day. TV, radio, cassette tapes, videos, cd, vcd, dvd has made the evolution. Its just human beings that made it a bit complicated. Our nature of always trying to make the best out of everything is one of the reasons why technology keeps on changing. Not that I’m a techno-phobe or something, i strongly agree to technological advancement.

My ipod nano is making all sorts of problem now. I cant edit songs in it which is a bit shitty. I need to put new songs into my ipod man. Seriously, what a bitch right? Hmmm…klutz told me that i should get the ipod video which now i’m tempted to get, but i guess i have to wait for a few more days to think about it…

Liverpool versus PSV next month and its going to be a mouth watering encounter. 1 leg away on the 4th and the return match at Anfield will be on the 11th of April…this should be an interesting game to watch 🙂


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