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Many thanks to Nad and Jef for the awesome jamming session. All of us used to work with one of the radio stations here in Brunei and we all came from different music background. Nad was well known for her Saturday night show “The Groove”. She used to play a lot of R&B, soul and motown classic tunes and owned the show for years and years….as for me and Jeff, well we were rookies and when we did this jamming session in the studio, we were the producers for a show called Monday Night Alright…or famously known as “MNA. We were already doing the radio DJ-ing for about 3 years by then. Jef came from a Jazzy, soulful music background and i came from dark, heavy rock music. What an awesome combination in the end…we had 1 thing in common…we love music…:)

Sometimes I miss being a radio DJ. I mean its probably one of the coolest job the the world. You get paid to talk alone in the studio and at the same time play your own favourite music. I mean how awesome is that right? I remembered MNA used to have international listeners as well and they actually called in to the studio to talk to us and requested songs. A lot of great stuff were achieved on MNA. We were the promoters for Lord of The Rings movie and we did Live show from the cinema. We interacted with our hardcore listeners, we were the 1st in the nation to feed the many souls of rockers who craved this type of music, we revolutionised free gifts by getting sponsors everywhere..(Thanks Jef). We tinkered with ideas and kept on doing different things on air…surprised people with things we played and said on air…

Me, Jef and Nad were basically rebels on air…and to some extent managed to gather our own fans….awesome kids!

This music video was done in the studio when Nad, Jef and me jammed ….thanks Nad for the video…:)




I heard this song when i was in UK and thought what a catchy tune this is. I’m talking about Cobra Starship’s hot track entitled “Send my love to the dance floor (Hey Mr.DJ)” If you’re not a big fan of indie/modern rock music, i think this might change your view a little bit. They do sound a little bit like Panic! at the disco tho on certain songs but i guess people have the right to their own opinions…Try listening to this song while driving…especially in the morning on your way to work/school/bumming or whatever you wanna do in the morning…but be warned…this song might affect the way you drive your car…:)

I found out about this band just a couple of days ago and my first impression of them…Awesome! In the beginning, the tune was ok-ish sounding…but once they got to the chorus bit, thats where they hit the big punch! At first i thought they sound like Panic! At the disco..but when i listened to 2 of their other songs in myspace…they are totally different. I can imagine though doing this song in an acoustic version…i thought it would sound great. But just to give you a little taste of what they sound like, you can watch their video…its their 1st single entitled “Satellite”

A true legend, blinded when still a little boy and well known all over the world. I’m talking about Mr. Stevie Wonder or by his real name, Stevland Hardaway Judkins. Dude got 22 Grammy Awards to his name and countless number of number ones and top tens. This guy is just phenomenal. At first i thought he can only play the keyboards / piano aside from the usual harmonica tunes, but noooooooooo….he’s even better! He can play the drums too! I mean not just playing normal drum beats, i’m talking about playing a real drum solo. I came across this video and i do have to say, i am amazed to the fact that he really can play the drums. Compared to me, i can’t even do real drum solos, let alone the other instruments (keyboards). Well, i doubt playing “London Bridge”solo is considered to be a master piece, but hey…at least there’s something right? Have a look at this video of this 7 years old kid playing the drums…you’ll share the same sentiment as me….

You know, the first time when i looked at the album cover of Bedlight for Blue Eyes’s 1st album ‘The Dawn’, i was a bit sceptical until i put the headphone on and listened to their tracks…they blew me away with their tunes. I just thought that they’re an amazing band, with raw sound and i just felt that the singer then hand an honest voice…now the reason why i said the singer THEN is because they have a new singer now, and he’s only 17! I have yet to hear his voice but this band from Berkeley US of A sure as hell can rock your ass off. Their new EP is already out entitled ‘waste my time’. Their first single from their 1st album was called ‘Ephemeral Addiction’. This song caught my attention instantly and i doubt many people outside the US actually really know anything about them at all. A true rock+punk+metal+modern rock tune will slowly creep into your soul and will slowly convert you to a true fan of theirs…and i really mean it. Also i would highly recommend the song ‘Midnight Symphony’. This band is once class act man…

Yea, i just got in one night and was lying on the bed. Suddenly i heard somebody did an acoustic version of No Tomorrow by Orson. I’m sure you guys heard that song before right? Amazingly, that song was a hit everywhere. But there is a twist in the story. Now acoustic version of this song was sang by somebody. A dude called himself OtoPilot. I mean what a name though. Who in their right mind would actually call themselves OtoPilot. But I gotta give credit to the guy though, he did a VERY good job in covering it. Play special attention to the face and you would think ” Did this guy just sang No Tomorrow??” That goes to show that talent cant be judged by the look….so pick up the guitar and start to learn how to play it….what a beautiful instrument that…

Special tribute to Klutz for playing this song when i was the room

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