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Ten 2 Five is a band from Indonesia. I heard of their song “You” a couple of years back and recently i just their album. I never thought their songs are awesome. The whole acoustic ensemble and raw voice of the lead vocalist just mesmerizes me sometimes. So good to listen to at night and the kinda music you would definitely appreciate listening to LIVE!

I am just doing a bit part of introducing them to you if you havent heard of them before…i would definitely highly recommend them if you wanna take a break from the heavy hard core stuff that you always listen to. Try to be versatile… 🙂

Ten 2 Five


Now i think younger generations nowadays are not familiar with the name. But if mentioned Mr.Big then a few particular songs came up to mind like the remake of Cat Steven’s hit “Wild World” and of course the famous “To be with you” in which both songs are pretty much played acousticly.

These 2 hits didnt actually showcased Paul’s style of play. If you listen to any of Mr.Big’s other songs then you would definitely know that he’s one of the best in the business. I hardly see him play with any other guitar brands other than the Ibanez and i think i know the reason why. I’ve played with an Ibanez before and i gotta tell you that that guitar can seriously kicks some punch man. Anyway back to Mr Gilbert, he left Mr.Big in 1997 and was replaced by Richie Koetzen until Mr.Big was disbanded in 2002. Paul then continued with massive solo projects and still tours.

The best piece that caught my eye when i was still a teenage listening to their song was the “Green tinted sixties mind” song featured in their album Lean into It. The opening of the song caught my attention and up till now i will consider this song as one of the best ever written…

He’s definitely one of my influences before when i was younger playing the guitar. He is considered to be #4 in the World’s “Top Shredders” in GuitarOne.

Paulie’s cut his hair short now…but dont worry, you’re still my legend 🙂

And here’s a video of Paul with his former band Mr.Big playing Green Tinted Sixties Mind song….you gotta love the opening of this song…super!

The name Phillip Oakley would probably doesnt ring a lot of bells for most of the younger generations but what if i bring up the band called themselves The Human League. I think i can safely say that most people would definitely know who they are. Most famous in the 80s. I remembered them when i first watched their video “Dont you want me baby” on Top Of The Pops. They got got crazy ass tunes back then and famous in London clubs. But their most notable famous song was “Human”. You can even find the song in karaoke format and its awesome knowing Oakley’s voice range is not that high. I definitely put Human as one of my top evergreen tunes ever…

Human League singing “Human”

I think music was at its peak in the 80s. I remembered New Wave Music was reaching its golden era. Pop was back in the fray and never looked back until now, rock and roll kept on rocking as always up until the present day, big hair days, thick make up (you have to look at Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and Kiss although the later had waaaayyyy too much make up) Madonna started to be known all over the world, Kajagoogoo hit the music scene, ABC, Heaven 17…these are great moments man. I started listening to rock music when i hung out with my eldest brother and the first rock band i listened to was a band from Japan called Loudness. Back then my brother used to drive the old Toyota Corolla and the speakers were this high box set that almost covered the whole rear view glass. Back then, that was the shizznit!

I think when i started listening to rock music that i started to learn how to play the guitar. It was ambition back then that i wanna be able to crunch guitar playing skills like my rock guitar heroes. Akira Takasaki was awesome when he played his solos in “Thunder in the East” album. After that only i listened to other rock bands like White Lion, Metallica, Megadeth, Dokken, Queensryche, Bangalore Choir and many more….80’s era was the best…the golden age for music lovers…u gotsta love it! Here’s a clip from Loudness’s single..heavy Chain…enjoy..:)

EBTG was formed in 1982 and guess what? They’re still around. The famous hot “missing” made them famous worldwide after it was remixed by Todd Terry. Hailing from Hull UK, their original music has always been acoustic. To be honest, i prefer the acoustic version of “missing”. That song is in my list of evergreen songs…its up there alright. But now, they have changed their music to more danceable tunes like Five Fathoms. I can imagine this song is being played somewhere in Ibiza 🙂

check out the song…

Have you heard the name Colin Vearncombe? Yes…Mr Vearncombe. He actually sang the song “Beautiful Life”. Still dont know? The British band called Black?…one hit wonder? …well to tell you honestly, they’re only famous for this one song only and what an impact they made. Its a very relaxing song…and at the same time its eerie…catch my drift?? I know it doesnt make any sense but have a listen to it again…somehow listening to this song made me feel so relaxed but i just cant help it that theres dark cloud following me around…*sigh*



Mr Colin Vearncombe aka Black (courtesy of Wikipedia)


Many thanks to Nad and Jef for the awesome jamming session. All of us used to work with one of the radio stations here in Brunei and we all came from different music background. Nad was well known for her Saturday night show “The Groove”. She used to play a lot of R&B, soul and motown classic tunes and owned the show for years and years….as for me and Jeff, well we were rookies and when we did this jamming session in the studio, we were the producers for a show called Monday Night Alright…or famously known as “MNA. We were already doing the radio DJ-ing for about 3 years by then. Jef came from a Jazzy, soulful music background and i came from dark, heavy rock music. What an awesome combination in the end…we had 1 thing in common…we love music…:)

Sometimes I miss being a radio DJ. I mean its probably one of the coolest job the the world. You get paid to talk alone in the studio and at the same time play your own favourite music. I mean how awesome is that right? I remembered MNA used to have international listeners as well and they actually called in to the studio to talk to us and requested songs. A lot of great stuff were achieved on MNA. We were the promoters for Lord of The Rings movie and we did Live show from the cinema. We interacted with our hardcore listeners, we were the 1st in the nation to feed the many souls of rockers who craved this type of music, we revolutionised free gifts by getting sponsors everywhere..(Thanks Jef). We tinkered with ideas and kept on doing different things on air…surprised people with things we played and said on air…

Me, Jef and Nad were basically rebels on air…and to some extent managed to gather our own fans….awesome kids!

This music video was done in the studio when Nad, Jef and me jammed ….thanks Nad for the video…:)



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