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This is a good video. A glorious night for Liverpool when they beat Manchester United at Old Trafford on the 14th of March 2009. We did a double over them and their biggest loss. A brilliant night for all the Reds supporters all around the world…4-1 mate!!!! You’ll Never Walk Alone

All Liverpool fans must have thought it was worth it to wake up at 4 a:m (Brunei time) just to watch the second leg of the Champions League game between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The hype and news leading to the big game was so immense that for neutrals must have thought that either Real is going to make a stunning come back or Liverpool to stamp their authority in this competition.

When UEFA released the list of top clubs in Europe, Liverpool came out on top. It sounded like Benitez had to prove a point to the other clubs as to why they are number one in Europe and what better way to show it to the rest of the world by kicking Real out of the competition with an astounding 4-0 scoreline. Benitez demanded respect and for sure Liverpool will get it. Forget Bayern’s thumping of Sporting Lisbon (aggregate 12-1). Sporting has never been the power house of Champions League in the modern era. Obviously Bayern is going to come out as winners between the two. But Liverpool and Real? Now thats a serious talking point.

Both are giants. Both won the games in record breaking times. Los Blancos or the Galacticos as they were better known in their hey day could prove to be tricky on their day. They have players that could churn out victories out from their own pockets. Attacks and Defences are all star studded. Liverpool are made up of workers, headed by their talismanic skipper Gerrard and Torres playing up front. Ramos came out to the press and said they are going to play Liverpool off the field and attack. Deep inside one could hear the distant echo that it could prove to the one of the deciding factors for him as to whther his contract is going to extended or not. And the Real board must be thinking twice after that embarrasing defeat, not to meantion both legs, by Liverpool.

I dont need to say anything much about Liverpool. For those of you who watched the game early this morning or the re-run would sum up the game last night as emphatic, solid, strong, clinical and a genius footballing masterstroke. And rightly so as to why Liverpool is on top of the UEFA list of best football clubs. now lets head down to the M56 and grind out another great result against Man U. You’ll Never Walk Alone!!

Liverpool Supporters Club Brunei played their 1st game of the year today when they took on Pelambayan FC at the SOASC Field at the capital. It was another try out session for most of the new members that just signed in to the supporters club. A total of 43 players turned up for the try out session and me and sufian were having a hard time to identify who is who. I can tell you this much though that there are a lot of midfielders available for the team. There were basically little challenge for left and right back positions.

The best bit about today’s game was not just about the result (which we won 6-1) but also the fact that there were 2 13 year olds who wanted to join the tryout. When we looked at them getting ready with their new boots, we felt encouraged and proud at the same time that these new kids have the hearts to try their luck. Although they only played at the end of the 2nd half, we feel that these kids are unpolished gems. We need to nuture them more and get them involved in big games for their exposure and experience. After all they’ll need it to become better players.

New faces came and filled in. We wanted to have a look out at any new prospects for the main squad. Indeed there were some bright players on the field just now. Now it is just the matter of making sure they’ll get together and work as a strong unit. We are confident that we can achieve this soon after seeing them play just now, they have what it takes to be in the main squad. Liverpool Supporters Club Brunei will get stronger by the day….You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Considering i just purchased a new lens from E-bay, i think i have made a good purchase in getting the Cosina wide telephoto lens. The 28-300mm f/4-6.3 lens is considered to be one of the top notch brand. I did ask about the lens and so far all of them have never heard of the brand before. Mind you, these people that i asked only made photography as their hobby for the last 3 to 5 years the max. So yea, i dont think they have heard of Cosina before.

Why i bought it? I was looking for a wide angle zoom lens, so other than the Sigma lens, Cosina fell into that category. Plus the deal was great so i knew that i did not have to think twice about getting it. The result was simply marvelous.


Rugged and steady built…Cosina lens

The bit i like about this lens is the rubber grip that is as big as the Indian Ocean. It gives me more control and less shake. The retractable zoom is a bonus and clarity does not need to be mentioned here in this blog. Go ahead google it. I simply dont wanna put any words here because other companies / people have been reviewing it as well. And i can assure you, they have been impressed with the lens. So far, i have acquired 3 different lenses and i love them all…booyah!!!

No im not being fickle but i talked to an Audi sales agent today and the A4 will only be arriving in Brunei today (after a long anticipated wait). I still think the dodge is a mean car but A4 offers a different agenda totally. I only know the fact that Audi’s engine was voted as the best engine this year and thats about it.

People fancied the sleek body design compared to the old one and i do have to agree that it can be deemed as BMW 3 series and Merc C class range nemesis. And rightly so. The new A4 is wider, longer and the interior gives out a more accomplished look compared to the beemer and the merc.

So i have lined up myself for a test drive next tuesday to check out the new A4. This should be interesting. Cant wait to feel the car as to whether it will talk to me or not. 🙂


i like white in an A4

I have fallen in love straight away every since i first laid my eyes on this beauty. No its not a woman but its a car. A Dodge Challenger to be exact. Its got that look of pure brute and muscle combined with classic american design and beauty that captures my attention. Now the reason why i said “my attention” is that other people might see this car as funny or boring looking (and trust me i have come across those people) but i guess beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

All i can say about this beauty is that it packs a Hemi V8 – 6.1 litre engine. Now that will hurt of of the normal cars out there really bad. No matter how luxurious the car is…that kind of power just cannot compare to any of them (except for tuned up modified engines). All i can say is….i love you and soon we will be together….hahaha (evil laugh)


Sexy in red…


Menacing in black (

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