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The name Phillip Oakley would probably doesnt ring a lot of bells for most of the younger generations but what if i bring up the band called themselves The Human League. I think i can safely say that most people would definitely know who they are. Most famous in the 80s. I remembered them when i first watched their video “Dont you want me baby” on Top Of The Pops. They got got crazy ass tunes back then and famous in London clubs. But their most notable famous song was “Human”. You can even find the song in karaoke format and its awesome knowing Oakley’s voice range is not that high. I definitely put Human as one of my top evergreen tunes ever…

Human League singing “Human”


I think music was at its peak in the 80s. I remembered New Wave Music was reaching its golden era. Pop was back in the fray and never looked back until now, rock and roll kept on rocking as always up until the present day, big hair days, thick make up (you have to look at Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and Kiss although the later had waaaayyyy too much make up) Madonna started to be known all over the world, Kajagoogoo hit the music scene, ABC, Heaven 17…these are great moments man. I started listening to rock music when i hung out with my eldest brother and the first rock band i listened to was a band from Japan called Loudness. Back then my brother used to drive the old Toyota Corolla and the speakers were this high box set that almost covered the whole rear view glass. Back then, that was the shizznit!

I think when i started listening to rock music that i started to learn how to play the guitar. It was ambition back then that i wanna be able to crunch guitar playing skills like my rock guitar heroes. Akira Takasaki was awesome when he played his solos in “Thunder in the East” album. After that only i listened to other rock bands like White Lion, Metallica, Megadeth, Dokken, Queensryche, Bangalore Choir and many more….80’s era was the best…the golden age for music lovers…u gotsta love it! Here’s a clip from Loudness’s single..heavy Chain…enjoy..:)

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