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Now i think younger generations nowadays are not familiar with the name. But if mentioned Mr.Big then a few particular songs came up to mind like the remake of Cat Steven’s hit “Wild World” and of course the famous “To be with you” in which both songs are pretty much played acousticly.

These 2 hits didnt actually showcased Paul’s style of play. If you listen to any of Mr.Big’s other songs then you would definitely know that he’s one of the best in the business. I hardly see him play with any other guitar brands other than the Ibanez and i think i know the reason why. I’ve played with an Ibanez before and i gotta tell you that that guitar can seriously kicks some punch man. Anyway back to Mr Gilbert, he left Mr.Big in 1997 and was replaced by Richie Koetzen until Mr.Big was disbanded in 2002. Paul then continued with massive solo projects and still tours.

The best piece that caught my eye when i was still a teenage listening to their song was the “Green tinted sixties mind” song featured in their album Lean into It. The opening of the song caught my attention and up till now i will consider this song as one of the best ever written…

He’s definitely one of my influences before when i was younger playing the guitar. He is considered to be #4 in the World’s “Top Shredders” in GuitarOne.

Paulie’s cut his hair short now…but dont worry, you’re still my legend 🙂

And here’s a video of Paul with his former band Mr.Big playing Green Tinted Sixties Mind song….you gotta love the opening of this song…super!


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