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This is a good video. A glorious night for Liverpool when they beat Manchester United at Old Trafford on the 14th of March 2009. We did a double over them and their biggest loss. A brilliant night for all the Reds supporters all around the world…4-1 mate!!!! You’ll Never Walk Alone


Yes. Thats right! Eat your effing heart out! I knows its been 3 years since we last won a game against manchester utd. But you know what, this year is going to be the year that matters. We played with such style and finesse that i’m still getting goosegumps just thinking about it. We managed to shut the devils down and send them back to hell (other than that 3 minute opener by Tevez) and even Rooney was playing deep in his own half doing some defending. How many times did you see him play deep inside his penalty box?And what of the so called 30 million pound signing, Berbatov?Not even a peep. Feel the wrath of Skrtel and Carragher, Berba..feel it!

“I can do this cos i scored against Man U…loser!” – Ryan Babel (getty images)

After seriously falling 1-0 only after 3 minutes, it was not the ideal start we anticipated. But I was quietly confident that things were going to turn around in due course. I reminded my mate Jeff that things are going to change soon and it did. By god it did! No matter how we scored,(need i remind Wes Brown’s little catastrophe) it put the scoreline level after Alonso’s cross shot was only parried away by Van Der Sar.

We played far better in the second half.¬† The liverpool official website stated¬† that Benitez advised the players to sustain their confidence. Their grit and determination was displayed in majestic galore by the second half. They pushed harder, ran the midfield, strikers uppin’ and runnin’, defenders blocking out every attempt…all in all…it was magnificent and after that description, i needn’t remind you (yes you, Devil fan reading this!) that Liverpool was the better side. Bad luck was attributed in the failed attempt to score 3 to 4 more goals.Imagine seeing grown men of the opposition cry. Although, i do admit the sight would be one to remember. Haha.

Congratulations to Wes Brown for scoring the own goal. A big pile of boo to Nemanja Vidic after being sent off (this should have been done earlier when he did a professional(also very obvious) foul on Keane after he was put clear on goal). Devastation marked the face of Berbatov and he faded away as the game wore on.This is definitely a lesson learnt for Sir Alex in his “efforts” to keep his mouth shut in commenting Keane’s worth.

MOTM: I would think its either between Mascherano and Carragher, both players great…but for this one in particular, i believe this toast is dedicated to the Argentinian. Salut!

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