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Considering i just purchased a new lens from E-bay, i think i have made a good purchase in getting the Cosina wide telephoto lens. The 28-300mm f/4-6.3 lens is considered to be one of the top notch brand. I did ask about the lens and so far all of them have never heard of the brand before. Mind you, these people that i asked only made photography as their hobby for the last 3 to 5 years the max. So yea, i dont think they have heard of Cosina before.

Why i bought it? I was looking for a wide angle zoom lens, so other than the Sigma lens, Cosina fell into that category. Plus the deal was great so i knew that i did not have to think twice about getting it. The result was simply marvelous.


Rugged and steady built…Cosina lens

The bit i like about this lens is the rubber grip that is as big as the Indian Ocean. It gives me more control and less shake. The retractable zoom is a bonus and clarity does not need to be mentioned here in this blog. Go ahead google it. I simply dont wanna put any words here because other companies / people have been reviewing it as well. And i can assure you, they have been impressed with the lens. So far, i have acquired 3 different lenses and i love them all…booyah!!!


Its been about 2 months since i started my new hobby and i do have to say its quite challenging. I am not trying to strive to be the best in the business (since its not my bread and butter) but i do think that taking good brilliant shots make some sort of self satisfaction and reward. Remy, a mate of mine commented on the pictures that i took from the moment i first started to pick up my DSLR that my angles have improved. Thats at least one word of encouragement coming from a guy who is very hard to please (and believe me he can be exessively critical of the shots that i took before hahaha) but at least im getting there.

Theres one book that i bought back in KK by professional photographer Tom Ang made me realize that one does not need a state of the art DSLR camera. Its the angle, moment, environment and timing that is important. Well DSLR made the pictures taken more sharp and added quality of course but those 4 elements make a picture come alive. I can safely say that Tom Ang is probably one of the best in the business. πŸ™‚ Thanks Tom.

One more trick that i picked up ever since i took up my new hobby is mastering Photoshop CS3. In a way i am glad that i didnt pick it up when it was still on version 7 or lower because i can imagine how complicated it would be for me to learn it. But with CS3, its brilliant. The only part that needs to be put in is a little bit of creativity because all the rest is just by a click of a button. Its simple and trust me guys…its highly recommended. Another amazing piece of software.

I do plan to put up a few pictures here (or open up another blog just for photography) and tell me what you guys think about them…soon. So watch this space….

After a thorough homework and research, i finally made a decision on what should i get myself for a birthday present. It is of course for self indulgence πŸ™‚ and the fact that i came across some nice work taken by pros inΒ  I recently just bought a Sony DSLR A350. A whooping 14.2 megapixel comes in a carbon fibre body that is quite easy to handle for asian hands πŸ™‚ There are a few best bit about this camera and i dont mean to sound so biased.

The Sony A350’s technology is a combination of 2 other brands namely Minolta and Konica. Not only the A350 uses the wide choices of sony lenses, but it can also use the hundreds of Minolta lenses available in stores. So thats already another added bonus. Somebody told me that brilliant shots are taken not by the camera but by how we use it and manipulate the camera. The angle, the lighting, the tricks all make up as components of producing excellent pictures which i think is true.

It is however quite an expensive hobby. The lenses sometime can cost thousands of dollars. This could be an empediment to beginners. But i guess photography takes time. One can only grow slowly. Skills are nurtured and interest must be kept alive. So wish me luck…i am a newbie in this field…

Sony Alpha A350 – a toy worthy of any opponent hehehe

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